Embrace Sustainability: Banyan Tree Krabi’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Banyan Tree Krabi, an exquisite 72-key resort nestled on the secluded Tubkaek Beach, recently unveiled an extraordinary opportunity for its guests to embrace the rich culture of Southern Thailand.

By participating in weekly excursions to a nearby island renowned for its exquisite batik fabrics and woodcrafts, visitors can actively contribute to the local community.

This compelling initiative is part of Banyan Tree Group’s recently launched program, “Stay for Good”, which aims to engage guests staying at their 5-star hotels worldwide in meaningful activities that positively impact local communities.

Embrace Sustainability: Banyan Tree Krabi's Eco-Friendly Initiatives

For example, at the enchanting Buahan, A Banyan Tree Escape in Bali, guests spend a day alongside local farmers, foraging for succulent fruits and edible plants. Similarly, at Garrya Nijo Castle Kyoto in Japan, visitors learn the age-old art of entwining grass to craft traditional thatched roofs for villagers’ homes.

Sustainability Manager, Ms Thepsuda Loyjiw, shares the inspiration behind the initiative at Banyan Tree Krabi: “At Banyan Tree Krabi, we invite our guests to embark on a day’s adventure to the tranquil fishing town of Ban Koh Klang, situated on a small island in the heart of the Krabi River. This unique experience provides an incredible opportunity to travel by traditional longtail boat, allowing guests to witness rare bird species and wild monkeys amidst the lush mangroves. Moreover, the island itself offers a mesmerizing natural landscape, including a series of magnificent limestone caves.”

Embrace Sustainability: Banyan Tree Krabi's Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Guests are treated to a delectable lunch, featuring home-grown fruits, vegetables, and recipes passed down through generations. Served on a floating restaurant nestled within the enchanting mangroves, this culinary experience serves as a delightful introduction to the villagers, enabling meaningful interactions.

Among the captivating activities that foreign visitors can engage in are joining local craftsmen in the intricate carving and creation of wooden longtail boat models, which are renowned as souvenirs in Krabi. Additionally, guests have the opportunity to sit alongside the skilled women of Ban Koh Klang, who master the art of batik, expertly mixing organic dyes and creating vibrant fabrics. Furthermore, participating in rice harvesting with a local family is also included as a seasonal activity.

Embrace Sustainability: Banyan Tree Krabi's Eco-Friendly Initiatives

The “Stay for Good” program, which was launched in May, is an endeavor by Banyan Tree to foster a deeper connection between guests and their destinations, while simultaneously honoring local heritage and traditions. It aims to create more opportunities for local communities to thrive and prosper.

Dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, Banyan Tree Krabi partnered with a local artisan initiative, Souvenirs From the Sea, in December. This project involves beachcombing for discarded items and waste products that can be transformed into upcycled treasures, such as trendy tote bags.

In addition, Banyan Tree Krabi has recently undertaken several sustainability initiatives, including a beach clean-up on Earth Day and the introduction of Forest Bathing—a nature-based educational tour designed to raise awareness about environmental conservation and the protection of local flora and fauna.

Embrace Sustainability: Banyan Tree Krabi's Eco-Friendly Initiatives

“While many guests come to our serene destination to relax, indulge in sunset cocktails, and enjoy spa treatments, we understand their desire to explore local customs and make a positive impact on the community,” Loyjiw affirms.

Banyan Tree Krabi invites its discerning guests to embark on a transformative journey, immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of Southern Thailand, forging unforgettable memories, and leaving behind a meaningful legacy that benefits the local community and environment.

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