Why You Should Be Authentic and Genuine in Your Reels

Fake social media accounts are a sad reality. Studies show that as much as a third of social media accounts are fake. Why is this a problem? People use social media to share their stories and connect. If your social media account is perceived as fake or non-authentic, your followers will notice, call you out, and run the other way. This post will review why having an authentic media presence is essential. 

Benefits of Being Authentic In Your Reels

Creating authentic content will reflect your uniqueness, build your brand, and helps you stand out among thousands of other content creators. Here are some advantages of putting effort into being authentic on social media. 

Authenticity builds trust

Being genuine and authentic on social media builds trust with your followers, and trust is essential for building lasting relationships both online and offline. According to a study, 90% of consumers trust content generated by others over content created by brands. Being authentic shows your followers you are real, relatable, and trustworthy.

It boosts engagement

When you are authentic, you create content that resonates with your followers. They are more likely to comment, like, and share your posts. You’ll create a community of people attracted to what you have to offer. 

Authenticity helps you stand out in a saturated market

There are millions of content creators out there in the digital space, and it can be challenging to stand out. However, by being genuine and authentic, you are setting yourself apart from those who use social media to create a façade. Authenticity will help you establish a unique voice, attract loyal followers, and differentiate yourself.

Authenticity helps you build your brand

Authenticity helps to differentiate your brand from your competitors. You create a unique brand by sharing your unique story, experiences, and perspective. Your followers will remember you for your authenticity, which will help build a loyal following over time.

Tips to Create Authentic Content

Why You Should Be Authentic and Genuine in Your Reels

Creating authentic content requires effort and creativity. Here are some tips to help you create authentic content that resonates with your followers:

Be honest and transparent about your life and experiences

Life is not perfect, so your Reels shouldn’t be, either. Ditch the filters now and then, do a backstage Reel, and post about your challenges and struggles while keeping a positive approach. Your followers will feel like you’re real if you are real. Share your passions, hobbies, and interests with your followers.

Don’t fake it

You can share your story honestly, but followers will notice if you post fake or photoshopped images. Some filtering here and there may not seem a big issue, but we’ll be better off posting real shots. Internet users are ruthless and will call out a fake, without a doubt, damaging your reputation. 

Create content that reflects your personality and values

Avoid clickbait and shocking content just for the sake of getting attention. The content should show your personality and be unique. That being said, finding enough inspiration can be challenging. 

Using a local chat app is a great way to connect with local people and find inspiration for your Reels’ content. By joining local chat groups, you can meet people who share your interests, hobbies, and passions. You can then create content that reflects your experiences and interactions with local people. This will help you to create a unique brand that resonates with your local audience.

Use your captions to tell a story

Writing authentic captions that resonate with your audience can be challenging. The words in captions can be as important or more than your images. According to research by Hootsuite, the average length of an organic Reel caption is between 140 to 150 characters, but long-form captions are more effective and worth the effort. In 2021, an experiment by Hootsuite showed that more extended captions drive more engagement.  

Engage with your followers by responding to them in your voice 

Use your real voice when engaging your followers online. Write your feelings and take ownership of your responses. If you make a mistake, apologize for it. 

Don’t copy your competitors

While it is fine to take inspiration from others, copying the style, format, or attitude can flag you as a fake, and you’ll lose the respect of your audience. Make sure you develop signature content, something people will recognize as soon as they see it appearing on their feeds. Will it take more effort? Yes, but it is worth it. 

Be the Real Deal 

Why You Should Be Authentic and Genuine in Your Reels

Being genuine and authentic on social media is crucial for building trust with your audience, increasing engagement, and promoting your brand.

Your audience will appreciate it when you post honest and meaningful content. The content doesn’t need to be perfect to be shared. It should just reflect your personality and your unique brand.

Remember, authenticity requires effort and creativity, but the benefits are well worth it in the long run.