Bentley Home Launches New Collection at Milan Design Week 2023

Bentley Home has launched a new collection of seven stunning pieces during the Milan Design Week 2023, in collaboration with three world-renowned designers and architects.

The new collection reaffirms the brand’s commitment to substance and elegance, showcasing innovative sustainable materials, expert craftsmanship, and cutting-edge production technology. This article takes a closer look at the new pieces, each designed to complement contemporary homes.

Thames Coffee and Side Table Designed by Federico Peri

Designed by Federico Peri, the Thames coffee and side table is available as a two or three-piece set. These tables showcase Bentley Home’s vision based on painstaking attention to detail, sustainable materials, and craftsmanship.

Its atoll-like design features contrasting cores set inside dynamically curved veining patterns on well-defined elegant legs. The coffee table is available in a Paper Factor® version designed by Riccardo Cavaciocchi. This version is made from a “raw paper” micro cellulose compound and natural pigments processed to obtain a tabletop that is like marble, available in monochrome or with burgundy accents.

Camden Dining Table Designed by Federico Peri

Bentley Home Launches New Collection at Milan Design Week 2023

The Camden dining table, designed by Milan-based designer Federico Peri, exemplifies some of the main concepts behind the Bentley Home 2023 collection: energy, sharp and clear-cut lines, lightness, and substance.

Its elegant legs are designed to give a suspension-like effect and a heightened sense of weightlessness that results in an elegant dynamic finish.

Dalston Console Table

The geometric console table is a dynamic trio combination and unique marble effect with delicate sinuous lines. Its shape, inspired by the front of a vintage Bentley, provides a sense of power and movement.

Bentley Home Launches New Collection at Milan Design Week 2023

The artist applied a degradé effect, launched by Bentley Home in 2021, which offers customers a further customization option in an ombre effect finish applied to their chosen veneer. New for 2023, this is now offered on the marble console. Customers can create highly personalized specifications using the extensive options available.

Bayton Sofa and Armchair Designed by Carlo Colombo

The Bayton sofa and armchair, designed by architect Carlo Colombo in partnership with Bentley Home, are elegant and refined in form and exude comfort. The shape takes inspiration from a Bentley car, with a fine wooden frame and beautifully proportioned curves, combined with streamlined, tightly fitted upholstery.

Bentley Home Launches New Collection at Milan Design Week 2023

Brixton Bed Designed by Bentley Home

The Brixton bed is defined by its curved and dynamic lines, fusing minimalism and elegance. The inner frame of the double headboard is available with a natural wood or lacquer finish and contrasts with the slim upholstery to simulate the concept of movement.

An optional light can be integrated into the headboard, highlighting the diverse textures of the bed. The inner frame, the bedside shelves, and the footboard are available in a choice of veneers.

The Bentley Home Atelier Palazzo Chiesa

The Bentley Home Atelier at the historical Palazzo Chiesa was transformed into a multisensory backdrop within its inner courtyard garden. The Atelier is open to the public during Salone del Mobile, Monday 17 April – Sunday 23 April, 10.00am – 9.00pm. The Atelier is open to the public by appointment all year round.


The new Bentley Home collection reaffirms the brand’s most distinctive design features: well-defined lines, skilful use of wood, iconic curves, and contoured shapes. The collection showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainable materials, expert craftsmanship, and materiality.

With its focus on innovative and bespoke designs, Bentley Home continues to inspire homeowners looking for practical and contemporary furniture for their homes.

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