Best Casino Fashion Tips In 2022

Dressing well has always been one of the great pleasures of going to a casino but how has this changed recently? Do you still need to dress up or have recent developments in this industry allowed the possibility of dressing more casually?

If you want to enjoy the roulette wheel, the blackjack table, or other games, here’s what you need to know.

Check The Dress Code

Best Casino Fashion Tips In 2022

The same dress code doesn’t apply in every casino in the world. In general terms, you’ll be expected to wear smart casual clothing rather than the formalwear you’ve probably seen in the likes of James Bond movies. However, a few casinos around the world still mention the likes of black tie and white tie dress, although this number is getting smaller over time.

Others may use terms such as business formal or semiformal. Wherever you plan to go, expect to find something online about their dress code that points you in the right direction. If you’re invited to a private event to play casino, look for an indication of the dress code on the invite, as it may be more formal than their usual rules are.

Best Casino Fashion Tips In 2022

It also depends to a degree on the country you play in. For example, American casinos tend to have a more relaxed dress code than those you’ll find in Europe or Asia. A good example is the historic Baden-Baden Casino in Germany, where men are asked to wear a jacket, shirt, and tie. However, you can hire a jacket or buy a shirt there if you arrive without one.

On the other hand, the equally prestigious Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco has a more relaxed approach. They don’t have a strict code, but they ask you not to turn up wearing sports shoes, flip-flops, or shorts.

There may also be a different dress code for entry to the various parts of the casino. The slots section is likely to be the most relaxed part, while if they have private tables then expect to see more formal dress requirements for playing on them.

Stay Comfortable

Best Casino Fashion Tips In 2022

You may be thinking of going to the casino just to play a few games over a short period. However, you might realize once you get there that you want to stick around for longer. The biggest casinos have hundreds of slots and plenty of table games as well as the chance to order food and drink.

Some of them are also part of enormous entertainment complexes where you can watch a live show, look at pieces of art, or just enjoy the atmosphere. All of this means that you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible so that you don’t feel the need to go and get changed.

This is where the smart casual dress code can be especially useful. You should feel good about spending as long as you want to in the casino if you’re dressed in this way.

It’s worth noting that in some casinos the dress code becomes more formal in the evening. This is typically the case in Las Vegas casinos, so you might like to plan ahead so that you make a short trip back to your hotel to get changed into something more suitable for the evening, rather than spending all day feeling a bit stuffy.

If you’re simply going to play some slots during the day this is when you can expect to be able to wear something relaxed without any problems. Some casinos won’t let you wear flip-flops or shorts and beach-style items of clothing like this, but they won’t be too strict about what exactly you wear other than this.

Wear What You Want Online

Best Casino Fashion Tips In 2022

Of course, one of the biggest changes in the casino world in recent years has been the introduction of online casinos. This has had the effect of allowing people who’ve never played casinos before to give it a try.

As well as being simple for anyone to try at any time, this is also a way of playing without having to worry about the dress code. You can simply wear what you feel most comfortable with, or if you have an item of clothing that you feel brings you luck then you can wear it.

If you decide to play live dealer casino games, you’ll be dropped straight into a genuine casino environment where the human dealer is smartly dressed and the action takes place on a physical casino table. It might feel a bit strange at first to play in this way while you’re dressed to stay at home, but you’ll soon get used to it.

This is a convenient way to get used to the most popular casino games too, as you’ll find versions of roulette, baccarat, poker, and more. Playing live games at home lets you understand the gameplay and rules, so you can quickly become a casino expert without ever putting on a tuxedo or evening dress to do so.

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