Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

Do all casinos have dress codes? No, not all casinos will require you to wear something specific. However, there are millions of casino types, from online casinos you will play at home to the high-end, upscale, and luxurious casinos of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. 

You don’t have to dress up to find the best online casino bonus here, though! You can kick back in your loungewear and play.

When you go to a casino, though, you’ll likely see a few different dress codes, or specifically, no dress code mentioned. 

Heading to a casino for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, and one of the things you can do to help yourself fit in is by dressing the part. 

What Are The Different Types Of Attire You Might See Mentioned For Casinos?

Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

There are six main dress codes that you will see when it comes to casinos. They vary in how smartly and glamorously you will be dressed. 

  • Smart casual
  • Business casual or formal
  • Semiformal
  • Black tie optional
  • Black tie
  • White tie

Smart Casual

Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

Smart casual is one of the dress codes that seem to throw up the most issues because it is difficult to know what smart casual is. This dress code is becoming more popular in many different types of establishments. 

But what does smart casual really mean?

A smart casual dress code will have no trainers, no dirty shoes, no tracksuit bottoms or hoodies, no ripped jeans (unless smart), and no flip flops. Anything casual enough to ear to a beach or a local bar is probably best left in the closet. 

What usually classes as smart casual: 

  • Shirts
  • Sports jackets and blazers
  • Plain t-shirts
  • Chinos
  • Smart jeans
  • Shoes
  • Loafers

Business Casual Or Formal

Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

If you could wear it to the office, you could wear it to a casino with this dress code. There are some differences between business casual and business formal too. So within this category, you are likely to see a few variations. 

And both business casual and business formal are less formal than semiformal! 

It is easier to master semiformal, business casual, and business formal as a male. Often one suit with the right shoes and the addition of a tie can cover it all. 

You might forgo the blazer for business casual and wear a shirt with some pants; anything formal requires the jacket to be on. 

It can be a little tricker for women, as most of the time, a non-revealing dress would be perfect. In many casinos, women used to wear heels and stockings – luckily, you don’t have to do that anymore – unless you want to! 

A pants suit, dress suit, or skirt suit works perfectly well for business casual and business formal. 

Often it comes down to small details like the tie-on for formal, and tie-off for casual. 


Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

Semiformal begins to kick it up a notch when it comes to what you wear. Semiformal comes from the middle space between informal and formal. 

If an event takes place in the morning, brunch time or lunch (but not usually later) will be a semiformal dress code. 

Evenings held in these time slots are generally considered to be less formal, and less need to be dressed up for them. 

Semiformal will typically involve a shirt and tailored pants or a light afternoon/cocktail dress for women. 

When you see semiformal as the dress code, this typically means that you should be slightly more relaxed than a black tie – and you don’t need to buy a tuxedo or a gown. 

Just like business casual and business formal, men can wear a similar style—a suit but not a tuxedo. 

If you dress semiformal, you will often hit all of the dress codes below (casual, smart casual, etc.) and be just time.

Black Tie Optional

Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

Black tie optional is a much more forgiving dress code than many think. Black tie optional just means that if you have a gown or a tuxedo, you are welcome to wear it, and if you don’t, you should wear the most formal attire that you own. 

A black-tie optional dress code means that women could wear a cocktail dress or a tailored pantsuit (this is becoming more common). It means a dark-colored suit, a white shirt, a tie or bow tie, dark socks, and dress shoes for men. 

Black Tie

Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

If you don’t have a tuxedo, you will rent one for this occasion. It is a little less formal than a white tie, but it is one of the most formal dress codes you see for most casinos. 

Traditionally formal and luxury events that take place after 6 pm will be black tie events. 

Women used to be required to wear sleeveless gowns, wraps, gloves, and jewelry. Although now gowns, pantsuits, and cocktail dresses are acceptable – they should look sophisticated. For men – think a James Bond tuxedo.

White Tie

Do Casinos Have Dress Codes?

If you want all-out glamor as you head into a casino, then it is the white tie that you are looking for. Whenever you think of a casino scene where the women were dressed in glam, with gloves, heels, and perfect red lipstick – it was most likely a white tie event. 

White tie is less common now than it used to be and tends to be reserved for ceremonies, VIPs, balls, and royal events. 

Floor-length gowns and ballgowns are anticipated, as well as fine jewelry and optional additions like white gloves for men, a white bibbed tux shirt, bow ties, patent shoes, wing collars, coat, and tails, plus French cuff shirts.

Alternatively, you can get your favorite loungewear on and relax at home with your favorite online casino

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