Top 3 Best Cat Treats For A Nutritional Boost (2023)

Cat owners are always looking for new treats to surprise their furry friends. Whilst there is a lot to choose from, some foods like cheese are commonly given as a treat despite not being particularly good for them.

There are plenty of healthy alternative treats out there. Read on to find the top three best cat treats that are healthy and tasty for them to enjoy.

Top 3 Best Cat Treats For A Nutritional Boost (2023)

1. Freeze Dried Chicken Or Fish

Freeze-dried meat treats are a great way to conserve leftover food from dinners and lunches. They offer a quick snack for your cat to enjoy that is high in protein and easy to digest. The benefits of freeze-dried meats include the following:

  • High protein contents: Freeze-dried meat holds a solid source of protein for cats which is essential in building healthy muscles, skin, and coat. 
  • Convenience: Freeze-dried meat means you can easily store and grab it quickly when needed. An on-demand way to treat your feline friend.
  • Long shelf life: Like most frozen food, you will prolong its shelf life, preventing it from spoiling.
  • Lower caloric density: As the moisture has been removed from the meat in the freezing process, there will be less calorie intake, perfect for cats that are on diets!
  • Strong smell and taste: Most meats, like fish, will have a strong smell and taste, even after freezing, making these kinds of treats irresistible for cats.
  • Easy digestion: Small and easy to digest, these are great for cats, especially cats recovering from illness or surgery.

Keep in mind that while freeze-dried meat can be a great treat for cats, it should only be given in small proportions and never replace their proper diet. 

Also worth noting, cats each have unique preferences when it comes to foods, so feel free to experiment with different kinds of meat they might prefer.

Top 3 Best Cat Treats For A Nutritional Boost (2023)

2. Dental Treats

Dental treats are one of the best treats you could give your cat. If you can find one your cat likes, you are doing a great job keeping your cat’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. 

Some of the health benefits of cat dental treats include:

  • Reducing plaque and tartar build-up: The chewy and abrasive nature of dental treats helps to remove plaque and tartar build-up in between your cat’s teeth. 
  • Promotes healthy teeth: Dental treats are designed to strengthen the enamel on your cat’s teeth and keep their gums healthy. 
  • Fresh Breath: Something that benefits humans alike, most dental treats help to clear up bad breath and odour. No more bad breath!
  • Keeps them busy: Dental treats are a great way to keep your cat busy for a while if you want to do some household chores in peace. 
  • Easy to monitor: Some special dental treats use colouring agents to help show the owner if they have chewed enough or need to chew more. 

Dental treats are a fantastic way to incorporate treats into your cat’s diet. Remember that the treats are a luxury and should be used sparingly. 

For the best results, opt for dental treats issued by your vet, and don’t let the treats stop you from taking them to the vet for checkups and concerns.

Top 3 Best Cat Treats For A Nutritional Boost (2023)

3. Wet Or Canned Food

Wet and canned cat food is an easily accessible treat to surprise your cat with. It provides many health boosts, including:

  • Increased moisture intake: Wet cat food is typically made up of around 78% moisture, which means it’s extremely beneficial for any cats that need more hydration or have urinary tract issues. Cats should aim to take in around 75% moisture for every 100g of food fed. 
  • They love it: Many cats, and animals in general, prefer the taste and texture of wet food instead of dry. 
  • Easier to digest: For obvious reasons, wet food is much easier to digest than dry food, which is especially helpful for any cats with digestive problems or dental issues. 
  • Nutritional benefits: Like most canned food, it comes pre-packed full of all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy cat life. Some cans might even include additional supplements or vitamins to help boost a lacking area of your cat’s health.
  • Portion control: It is easy to control the portion amount with canned food, making it easier to measure the amount your cat is eating. 
  • Wide variety: As it’s sold in most pet stores, there comes an abundance of different flavours, foods, and textures for you to choose from. So if your cat is fussy, you shouldn’t struggle to find something they will like. 

Whilst, for the most part, wet food is highly beneficial, some cats’ diets require a lower moisture intake. Always check in with your vet if unsure what is best to give your cat. 

Top 3 Best Cat Treats For A Nutritional Boost (2023)

In Summary

These are some amazing treats you can incorporate into your cat’s diet. Remember, all cats are different; some may have more specific dietary requirements than others. 

For any general queries or concerns regarding your cat, you should always check with your veterinarian and avoid searching for answers online. They will know your cat best. 

What treats will you be incorporating into your cat’s diet?

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