Betting-Related Apps In India Gaining Popularity

For most countries, catching the interest of millions of people is the pinnacle of success. The same is true in India, but you need several million heads to turn to call something a trend in a country with over 1 billion people.

That being said, some traditions, sports, and hobbies have captured the nation’s hearts.

It seems that betting-related apps will soon play a central role in how Indians get their entertainment.

They’re gaining in popularity due to several circumstances that have created the current environment. Let’s explore what it is that has brought betting apps to our attention, whether they’re here to stay, and what they deliver.

Sports Betting

Betting-Related Apps In India Gaining Popularity

Looking at the download charts, it’s clear that 10CRIC offers the best online betting app in India. Of course, most of that comes down to the app’s easy navigation and top content. However, when we look at the reasons behind its popularity, we find out more about hobbies in India.

Sports betting is one of the biggest draws for using a betting-related app. Although it had once been something that could be done in person, the availability of online sites has transformed the industry. Not only is it possible from anywhere where there is live internet access, but the list of possible sports, events and markets is extensive.

Cricket is the top sport in India. Playing and watching is a lot of fun, and Indian punters have added to the experience by using their knowledge to predict the outcomes of leagues and matches.

Other sports, such as horse racing, kabaddi, and wrestling, are popular options, too. Thanks to betting apps, Indians wanting to wager can find international and national events with competitive odds.


Betting-Related Apps In India Gaining Popularity

First and foremost, betting apps deliver entertainment. They tap into the favourite activities of people in India that link to past traditions and more modern forms of fun. The beauty of an app is that you can access the enjoyment from a device in your pocket. Plus, it can make it a social activity, connecting to people in other parts of the country.


Our interest in sports began with playing, but at the same time, spectators were an integral part of the experience. Television coverage of events improved our ability to be part of a moment, with millions of viewers tuning in for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and IPL matches.

Live streaming to apps has allowed us to follow sports on our phones. That was taken to the next level when in-play betting was invented. Now spectators can follow a match and make a live bet with odds based on up-to-the-minute information.


It isn’t just sports betting that’s increasing the popularity of betting-related apps in India. Games, such as dice and cards, have long held the attention of Indians. They’re an excellent way to get together with others, compete, have fun, and wager.

Many sites now cater to Indian players with games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and Indian Rummy. Although most historians point to Rummy’s Mexican origins, it’s clear that an Asian version of the game also existed. Also known as Paplu, these days, many people have taken to playing it online as well as in person.


Betting-Related Apps In India Gaining Popularity

The appetite for an activity is essential, but it isn’t enough on its own. The need for entertainment coincided with the technology to make it possible. It’s thanks to the hardware and the software of modern technology that betting-related apps are on the rise in India and in many other countries.

Getting Online

It’s estimated that there will be 932 million internet users in India in 2022. With a significant portion of the population able to get online, a world of opportunities has opened up. It means that many daily tasks can be completed online, and it has also become a source of entertainment. Due to more stable internet connections with better bandwidth, the possibilities of what people can do online have increased and improved.

Reading the news, streaming videos, and downloading and using apps are now easy to do at home and when out and about.

Mobile Devices

The hardware that’s made applications truly take off is the mobile phone. With the ability to ‘have the internet’ in their pockets, people can download apps and use their devices to pass the time when commuting, when waiting for a friend, or to keep in touch with family members who are far away.

The size of screens and the ease of using a touchscreen has contributed to the accessibility of apps. They’re easy to download, and learning how to bet on sports or games is something people can pick up quickly.

A Technology And Entertainment Revolution

Betting-Related Apps In India Gaining Popularity

Once you combine the capability provided by technology and the appetite for entertainment with the traditions of games and betting in India, the conclusion is inevitable. All three elements have come together to increase the popularity of betting apps.

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