Boots That Will Kickstart Your Wardrobe In 2022

The collections of the 21/22 season are inspired by the desire to be closer to nature – and at the same time by the desire for home comfort; the need to find peace of mind with the help of natural neutral tones – and at the same time throw out the accumulated energy in crazy disco images. In post-quarantine contradictions, fashion takes on new meanings and readings, and we choose from them what resonates in each of us.

Along with sophisticated, lightweight, and weightless models of shoes designed for warm pores, in cold weather, designers offer the best quality shoes, because she often has to feel not the most pleasant weather phenomena on herself. The designers offered a number of novelties of practical and comfortable footwear, stylish footwear made of good materials, as well as non-trivial footwear in original author’s solutions that can transform any seasonal ensemble.

1. Platform

Biggest Shoe Trends You're Going To Love In 2022

“To be useful” in the new season is not only a social credo but also a conscious position of designers. Based on it, platform shoes remain a trend in post-quarantine times. The platform is multifunctional: it protects the feet from getting wet, insulates from the cold, adds height, makes it possible to play with the volume and tread patterns, and it just looks great with most things.

Military boots, Chelsea boots, and knee-high boots with a wide bootleg remain in trend – all on the platform. Refreshes the trend with details such as rubberized materials and tractor tread.

2. High Chelsea

New versions of the popular chunky Chelsea boots will feature a streamlined silhouette, so even conservatives will like it. The versatility of this model supports the trend towards conscious consumption with deliberate purchases of things that pay for themselves over several seasons.

High tops with elasticated inserts give the shoe a futuristic look without losing functionality. Chelsea is easy to pair with both elegant and more extravagant pieces. Pay attention to neutral shades – rich browns, taunts, and creams – these will be key this year.

3. Clogs

Perhaps the most unusual pair of shoes this season. Clogs no, no, yes, and appeared on the catwalks before, but rarely made so much noise. Now designers are doing them with might and main not just an unusual accent of the outfit, but also try so that we do not look too eccentric and catchy.

The most classic models are presented in brown tones, but if you want a more discreet model, take a closer look at dark brown or black options, which can be paired with warm socks, even in cold weather.

4. White Color

Boots That Will Kickstart Your Wardrobe In 2022

Impractical at first glance, white shoes can be your favorite pair for fall and winter. In the cold season, we are used to dressing in everything dark, although bright and light shades are needed to create a mood. White boots can liven up a familiar pair of jeans and a puffer jacket, while white boots can make your favorite warm coat look more elegant.

Wear white boots with gray, black, and blue jeans, plaid pants, and trousers in complex tweed and corduroy textures. Do not forget to protect your white shoes with suitable means and take care of them, then they will survive not only frost but also slush with reagents on the roads.

5. Pointed Toe Boots

Sharp-toed boots are classic for centuries. If you don’t want stilettos (the designers are on your side), look for more interesting heels: flared, kitten, cubes, and architectural forms. At the same time, there is no strict prohibition: if you like stilettos – wear them, they still look good with a pointed toe. You can find these boots on Siren Shoes website.

Let the boot be wide so that there is free space between the foot and the shoe. Choose neutral tones: grays, creams, rich browns, and glossy blacks.

6. Animal Print

Biggest Shoe Trends You're Going To Love In 2022

If the trend in clothing for the spring-summer 2022 season is considered to be things with a tiger print, then the shoe trend is not so categorical and also includes leopard, crocodile, and zebra patterns. A wild print can either decorate ankle boots, shoes, and boots as a whole or be an additional decoration on only one of the surfaces of the shoes.

An unusual heel and contrasting textures will emphasize the height of the shoe. An excellent solution would be soft leather or suede, which will gather expressive folds on the bootleg.

7. Cushion Sole

The spring-summer 2022 season was not without futurism, and when you look at the shoes of some brands, the thought involuntarily arises that the distant future has already come. So, Matthew Williams, the creative director of Givenchy, did not hide his love for sneakers and hypertrophied forms in design, so he put sneakers, boots, and clogs on the soles that resemble either pillows or squeezed balls.

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