Bowman Sculpture Gallery Presents: Massimiliano Pelletti’s ‘Eredità

In a bold showcase of artistry, the renowned Bowman Sculpture Gallery in Mayfair recently announced an exclusive UK solo exhibition, introducing the exceptional talents of contemporary Italian sculptor Massimiliano Pelletti.

Titled ‘Massimiliano Pelletti: Eredità (Heritage)‘, this groundbreaking exhibition is scheduled to enthral art enthusiasts from the 11th of October to the 10th of November 2023. Situated at 6 Duke’s Street, St James’s, the Bowman Sculpture Gallery promises an artistic journey that spans generations and challenges conventions.

Bowman Sculpture Gallery Presents: Massimiliano Pelletti's 'Eredità

Discovering the Essence of ‘Eredità (Heritage)’

Under the expert curation of Mica Bowman, the visionary director of Bowman Sculpture Gallery, this landmark event aims to redefine artistic heritage and carve a lasting legacy. The gallery’s participation in Frieze Masters 2023 at Regents Park further reinforces their commitment to showcasing art that transcends eras. The exhibition’s multifaceted offerings will encompass works ranging from the 18th century to contemporary masterpieces, including the artistry of revered figures such as Auguste Rodin, Pietro Calvi, Camile Claudel, Henry Moore, and Emily Young.

Bowman Sculpture Gallery Presents: Massimiliano Pelletti's 'Eredità

The intriguing narrative of ‘Eredità (Heritage)’ unfolds through the eloquent sculpting hands of Massimiliano Pelletti, whose profound impact resonates across the Italian art scene. Spearheaded by Bowman Sculpture director Mica Bowman, Pelletti’s journey takes flight as he presents an exclusive series of sculptures. These captivating works seamlessly merge the iconic sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome with a contemporary perspective, breathing new life into timeless forms.

Pelletti’s artistic voyage has garnered acclaim on the Italian stage, evident in his compelling collaboration with the Renaissance sculptor Canova during the period from December 2021 to April 2022. A testament to his mastery, Pelletti’s distinctive approach resonates with those who value the interplay between antiquity and modernity.

A Transcendent Dialogue Through Sculpted Elegance

At the heart of ‘Eredità (Heritage)’ lies a captivating exploration, meticulously curated by Mica Bowman herself. Through Pelletti’s masterpieces, viewers are invited to engage in a dialogue that bridges the past and present. His sculptures, carved from exquisite stones sourced from around the globe, intricately weave in the imperfections inherent in the material. This deliberate choice prompts contemplation of humanity’s connection to history, inviting viewers to question conventional ideals surrounding past cultures.

Bowman Sculpture Gallery Presents: Massimiliano Pelletti's 'Eredità
Massimiliano Pelletti ‘Optical Venus’, 2022
Emerald and Ocre Onyx, 44 x 24 x 28 cm, Unique
Image: Bowman Sculpture

Pelletti’s artistic journey draws inspiration from the classical ideals embodied in the sculptures of ancient Greece. While paying homage to these timeless forms, he artfully highlights flaws and imperfections, challenging the conventional notions of perfection. Each creation unveils a profound exploration of time, imperfection, and our shared fascination with the bygone.

A Journey Rooted in Tradition and Heritage

The narrative of ‘Eredità (Heritage)’ takes root in Pelletti’s own history, interwoven with his passion for the craft. Born in 1975, Pelletti embarked on his artistic odyssey by studying at the esteemed Stagio Stagi Art School in Pietrasanta. His journey continued with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Pisa, marking the foundation of his artistic identity.

The pivotal moment arrived in 2006, propelling him to artistic stardom as he clinched victory in the 12th edition of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. This triumph paved the way for notable exhibitions both within Italy and beyond, including the prestigious Alexandria Biennale in Egypt and a coveted spot in the 54th Venice Biennale as part of the Italian Pavilion, under the astute curation of Vittorio Sgarbi


A Symphony of Imperfection and Idealism

Massimiliano Pelletti’s sculptures emerge as a symphony of craftsmanship and philosophical insight. His creations mirror the elegant fusion of Greco-Roman ideals with contemporary interpretation, resulting in a thought-provoking tableau. With a profound appreciation for the imperfect, Pelletti intertwines the Greco notion of Idealism with a reverence for the inherent imperfections in his chosen stones.

Bowman Sculpture Gallery Presents: Massimiliano Pelletti's 'Eredità
Massimiliano Pelletti ‘Pink Eros’
Pink Onyx, Height: 85 cm, Unique
Image: Bowman Sculpture

In a striking departure from traditional practices, his sculptures transcend conventional marble, finding form in rough, porous, or unconventional stones. These stones bear a unique character, replete with vibrant striations and crystalline fissures that elegantly disrupt the harmonious surfaces of his figures.

Rooted in the teachings of his grandfather, Mario, Pelletti’s journey is infused with humility, poetry, and resourcefulness. This legacy comes to life as each defect within his sculptures becomes a testament to his artistry. Reflecting on his artistic philosophy, Pelletti shares, “My grandfather taught me to be humble, to infuse poetry into my work, and to transform challenges into opportunities.” Through this lens, the artist pays homage to the legacy he inherited while reimagining its contours for the contemporary world.


As the curtains rise on ‘Eredità (Heritage)’, Massimiliano Pelletti beckons viewers to journey through time and perception. Amidst the intricate carvings and imperfect beauty, a narrative unfolds—one that encapsulates the essence of art’s evolving legacy. Guided by Mica Bowman’s insightful curation, Bowman Sculpture Gallery is set to introduce a new generation of sculptors, with Massimiliano Pelletti’s profound legacy at the forefront. Join this exploration during Frieze Week in London and embrace the captivating blend of heritage and innovation that defines ‘Eredità’.

Featured Image: Massimiliano Pelletti

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