British & Irish Art Evening Totals £19.27M

The Modern British and Irish Art Evening Sale, which took place recently, made a remarkable impact by achieving a total of £19,277,100.

The event was led by the rare and captivating sculpture, Pierced Form (Toledo) by Barbara Hepworth, which sold for an impressive £3,522,000. Nicholas Orchard, Head of Modern British and Irish Art at Christie’s, shared his insights on the sale, highlighting the strong presence of works by the influential St Ives Group and record-breaking prices for artists such as Wyndham Lewis, David Bomberg, William Roberts, and Lawrence Atkinson.

St Ives Group Captures Collectors’ Attention

The St Ives Group resonated with collectors, as demonstrated by the intense bidding for Barbara Hepworth’s Pierced Form (Toledo), which ultimately led to the sale.

Other paintings by artists from this movement also fetched remarkable prices:

  • Ben Nicholson’s 1945 (painting) sold for £453,600 (estimate: £150,000-250,000)
  • Peter Lanyon’s Sand Bar achieved £441,000
  • Patrick Heron’s Round Table Against the Sea fetched £315,000

Henry Moore and Vorticist Art Break Records

Henry Moore’s Mother and Child with Apple was another highlight of the sale, realizing £3,402,000.

The event featured the largest group of Vorticist art ever presented to the market, leading to several record-breaking results:

  • Wyndham Lewis’s Protraction sold for £107,100, a world auction record for the artist
  • David Bomberg’s The Dancer fetched £214,200, setting a record in the medium for a work on paper by the artist
  • William Roberts’s St George and the Dragon realized £239,400, establishing a record in the medium for a work on paper by the artist (estimate: £40,000-60,000)
  • Lawrence Atkinson’s Abstract Composition sold for £50,400, creating a record in the medium for a work on paper by the artist

John Duncan Fergusson’s Submarines and Camouflaged Battleship, from the same collection as the Vorticist works, achieved a world auction record price of £1,074,000 for the artist.

L.S. Lowry’s Timeless Appeal Continues

A selection of paintings by L.S. Lowry showcased the enduring allure of the artist’s modern life depictions:

  • Glasgow Docks sold for £1,362,000
  • The Railway Platform fetched £1,242,000
  • Mrs Swindells’ Picture, which was sold online, realized £403,200
  • A Lancashire Farm achieved £214,200

David Hockney and Pauline Boty’s Fresh Works on Paper Draw Attention

First-time auction works on paper by David Hockney and Pauline Boty generated fierce competition:

  • Pauline Boty’s BUM more than doubled the pre-sale estimate, selling for £239,400, setting a record in the medium for a work on paper by the artist
  • David Hockney’s A Glass Table with Still Life sold for £176,400
  • David Hockney’s Celia fetched £201,600
  • David Hockney’s Los Angeles realized £189,000

The Modern British and Irish Art Sales will continue on March 22nd with the Modern British and Irish Art Day Sale, promising more exciting opportunities for art collectors and enthusiasts.

Images: Christie’s