Bugatti And UYN Unveil Collection Of High-Performance Apparel

Bugatti and UYN (Unleash Your Nature) – innovative brands in their respective fields of automotive engineering and high-end sports clothing – unveil the anticipated new apparel and shoe collection.

In the world of sportswear, UYN is constantly innovating. The products of the Italian brand are used by Olympic champions and elite athletes alike across a vast array of disciplines, from skiing to cycling. UYN’s engineers, in collaboration with Bugatti’s designers, have succeeded in translating the beauty and performance of Bugatti’s hypercars into a collection of innovative apparel.

The “UYN for BUGATTI” collection consists of timeless garments that combine a dynamic style with superior freedom of movement, breathability, fit, and temperature regulation.

Design Follows Function

Bugatti And UYN Unveil Collection Of High-Performance Apparel

UYN’s research and development center has pioneered the creation of intelligent yarns and the refinement of innovative new shapes that are incorporated into the new collection.

For example, Bugatti’s distinctive C-Line has been reinterpreted by UYN through cutting-edge textile technologies. In the apparel, the curved shape of the C-Line has been transformed into the special Ergomotion® shoulder design for maximum freedom of movement. In the shoes, the C-Line highlights the breathable areas.

The colors of blue, white, black, and red define the “UYN for BUGATTI” collection, reflecting the identity of the Molsheim-based company while paying homage to its illustrious racing heritage. French Tricolore-inspired stripes add a discreet sporty touch to the entire collection.

Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of Bugatti International, commented: “Every product that bears the famous Bugatti macaron is reflecting facets of our beautiful marque. The new “UYN for BUGATTI” collection combines high-performance garments and cutting-edge design to meet the luxurious feel of comfort our customers expect. In the same way that our hyper sports cars seamlessly integrate technology, the products of our new collaboration with UYN achieve the same.”

Marco Redini, CEO of UYN, also commented “The launch of the first “UYN for BUGATTI” collection fills us with pride and marks an important milestone in the history of our brand. Cars are a great passion of mine and I have always admired Bugatti for its unique heritage, craftsmanship, and engineering excellence.

The marque’s modern hyper sports cars encompass luxury, comfort, and performance and these values are the same that inspire UYN products. I’m truly excited to partner with Bugatti because I am convinced that we will translate the same extraordinary combination of comfort and performance into the field of clothing. UYN’s dedication to research and testing sets our company apart in this regard.”

“UYN For BUGATTI” Apparel Collection

Bugatti And UYN Unveil Collection Of High-Performance Apparel

The apparel line includes ten items, beginning with the redefining of the cotton t-shirt into a high-performance garment. The “UYN for BUGATTI” shirt features Ergomotion® technology for a natural range of motion, while the sleeves are made using a 3D knit Haloflex technique that guarantees supreme elasticity and breathability.

Ergomotion® and Haloflex technologies also define functionality and style in the “UYN for BUGATTI” polo shirts – in both short and long sleeve versions. The collar with an integrated BIFLOW ventilation system is a refined performance element for urban adventures.

The technical mid-layer with a full-length zip, high neck, and soft fleece lining is designed to provide the optimum level of warmth in the cooler months. For windy days, the ultra-lightweight and compact “UYN for BUGATTI” Wind Jacket and Wind Vest are the ready-to-wear staple garments.

UYN’s experience in the world of high-performance outdoor apparel sees the creation of the “UYN for BUGATTI” Rain Jacket: a sophisticated jacket made of waterproof (10,000 mm water column) and windproof fabric, full of functional details, such as the Flowtunnels ventilation system integrated into the underarm. This jacket, ideal for casual outings, achieves the perfect balance of protection and breathability, providing maximum comfort in any situation.

The “UYN for BUGATTI” Padded Jacket and Padded Vest complete the outfit with their innovative mix of materials. The elegantly quilted structure is combined with sleeves and shoulders made of 3D knit fabric and Haloflex technology. The result is extraordinary freedom of movement and perfect management of body temperature, enhanced by a unique style.

“UYN For BUGATTI” Shoe Collection

Bugatti And UYN Unveil Collection Of High-Performance Apparel

UYN for BUGATTI” shoes are a new take on traditional sneakers. Flowing design, advanced functionality, and plant-based materials come together to create a new wearing experience. The collection includes the SPEED and PACE shoes. The first style features a 3D knit one-piece upper with a patented Air Dual® ventilation system. Special protections at the toe, heel, and sides increase abrasion resistance as well as give the SPEED shoes a dynamic and bold style.

The PACE model is engineered entirely from the sock according to a production technique exclusive to UYN. Ultra-elastic, slip-on and seamless, the PACE shoe wraps around the foot in outstanding comfort and adapts naturally to its anatomy. The highly breathable C-Zones on the sides, inspired by Bugatti’s C-Line, promote foot ventilation and help maintain the ideal micro-climate inside the shoe.

The “UYN for BUGATTI” shoes are made using the high-performance bio-fiber Natex, derived from castor oil seeds. Compared to petroleum-based materials, this eco-sustainable yarn is 25% lighter, dries 50% faster, and has a natural bacteriostatic effect that minimizes odors. The shoes come out with the new Horseshoe sole featuring a shock-absorbing EVA midsole and high-grip rubber tread. The U-shaped design, inspired by the legendary Bugatti horseshow grill, provides greater stability and traction on all terrain.

The “UYN for BUGATTI” collection will be available in all UYN stores as well on the official website


Founded in 1909, the French car manufacturer Automobiles Ettore Bugatti has established its name as one of the top names within the world of high-performance automobiles. Having cemented its reputation as "the brand that combines an artistic approach with superior technical innovations in the world of super sports cars."