Bugatti’s Path Ahead: Timeless Elegance and Innovation

Bugatti recently announced that Frank Heyl has been appointed as the Director of Design, succeeding the recently retired Achim Anscheidt.

With his remarkable expertise, a 15-year journey with Bugatti and passion for automotive style, Frank Heyl had been serving as Achim’s Deputy since 2019, contributing to the iconic designs that have defined Bugatti’s recent history.

A Legacy of Design Excellence: Frank Heyl’s Journey

Frank Heyl’s Bugatti Odyssey began in 2008 when he joined as the Senior Exterior Designer. Over the years, he progressed to become the Head of Exterior Design and later the Deputy Design Director, shaping the visual identities of exceptional models like the Chiron, Divo, Bolide, and W16 Mistral.

Bugatti's Path Ahead: Timeless Elegance and Innovation

In each of these creations, Frank cultivated an appreciation for design that celebrates the essence of the Bugatti brand, rooted in a century of history and founded by a family of artistic geniuses. To Frank Heyl, cars are not merely machines; they are the centre stage of his life.

His philosophy aligns with the founding principles of Bugatti – to combine fascination, technology, and innovation to create shapes that embody the core essence of the brand: performance. His dedication to purposeful design, devoid of unnecessary embellishments, results in a pure focus on form following performance. This approach transcends automotive design, transforming Bugatti’s creations into timeless masterpieces, cherished by connoisseurs across generations.

A Clear Vision for Bugatti: The Influence of Achim Anscheidt

Frank’s journey towards becoming a design visionary was nurtured at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Renowned for fostering some of the industry’s most talented minds, this institution equipped Frank with a solid foundation in the history and techniques of automotive design.

During his rise within Bugatti’s design ranks, Frank Heyl worked closely with Achim Anscheidt, developing a clear vision for the brand and its unique identity. He mastered the art of creating designs that resonate with the spirit of Bugatti’s founders, Ettore and Jean Bugatti, both of whom sought to infuse beauty into every detail. Ettore Bugatti’s timeless maxim, “Nothing is too beautiful,” has served as a guiding principle in Frank’s design journey.

Bugatti's Path Ahead: Timeless Elegance and Innovation

Continuing the Spirit of Innovation: Pushing Boundaries

For Frank, Bugatti’s design is a journey of continuous innovation. Each creation challenges the status quo and pushes beyond perceived limits. This pioneering spirit echoes the vision of Bugatti’s founding father, Ettore Bugatti, who introduced groundbreaking technologies, including the alloy wheel and the hollow lightweight front axle for the Type 35 race car. Frank aspires to carry forward this legacy by crafting technologically advanced, breathtakingly beautiful, and authentic designs that embody the true essence of Bugatti.

One of Frank Heyl’s remarkable achievements is the Chiron Super Sport 300+, a testament to the harmonious collaboration between engineering and design teams. This hyper sports car set a record-breaking top speed of 490.484 km/h (304.773 mph) in 2019. The car’s aerodynamic concept and visual appearance were meticulously developed to achieve unparalleled performance, while still preserving Bugatti’s timeless lines and elegance.

As the torch of Bugatti’s design legacy passes to Frank Heyl, he embraces the ingenious spirit of Bugatti’s founders. With his vision and guidance, the successor to the Chiron will encapsulate the purest essence of Bugatti, paying homage to its three defining strands: Speed, Luxury, and Elegance.

The forthcoming design era, under Frank’s watchful eye, will mark a new chapter in Bugatti’s history – an era driven by timeless elegance, innovation, and the indomitable spirit of Bugatti’s heritage.

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