6 Tips for Building a Nighttime Routine You Actually Enjoy

We all go to bed with the desire to get a good night’s rest, but in truth, getting enough sleep isn’t easy for everyone. A lot of people actually have trouble falling asleep, and no matter how much tossing and turning they do, dozing off can still seem impossible.

Has sleep been a problem for you lately, and do you find that some nights, it’s harder to fall asleep than it usually is? If so, remember that you can exercise some measure of control over your sleeping habits through your nighttime routine. Having a simple ritual to help you get comfortable for bed will put your body in a more relaxed state, thus making it easier for you to fall asleep.

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For your nighttime routine to truly work, however, it should end up being something that you actually enjoy and look forward to. This will ensure that getting ready for sleep won’t feel like a chore. To that end, here are a few ideas to help you get started on building the ideal bedtime routine:

Get Comfortable Before Heading to Bed

It’s understandably difficult to sleep properly when you’re stressed or agitated because the neurons in your brain are all fired up. This causes your mind and body to remain in “active” mode, which can mess with its natural circadian rhythm. It’s in your best interest to relax and unwind for at least an hour or two before bedtime so that your body is properly cued into resting mode. Being in a more calm and more comfortable state will also help you sleep more soundly the moment you doze off.

Some activities you can add to your bedtime routine to put you in a more conducive state for rest include having a warm bath or shower, applying skincare products, and putting on comfortable women’s sleepwear. You can also write in your journal, listen to calming music, and meditate so that your mind can be clear of worry before going to bed.

Put Your Gadgets Away

Even if it’s become a habit of yours to use gadgets like your smartphone or tablet before going to sleep, it’s recommended that you put these screens away at bedtime. Your smart devices emit blue light, which affects the production of melatonin or the body’s natural sleep-inducing hormone.

If you absolutely have to use a gadget a short time before you sleep, lower the intensity of its screen light or use its dim or “dark mode” feature. Try to use your phone or tablet sparingly still, because your goal is to fall asleep, after all.

Eat a Light Snack or Drink Bedtime Tea Before Bed

6 Tips for Building a Nighttime Routine You Actually Enjoy

Don’t want to go to sleep feeling hungry? It might be a good idea to have a light and healthy snack or to drink bedtime tea or another warm liquid before going to bed. Fruits, yoghurt, nuts, and oats are high in melatonin, so they can help you fall asleep better.

Bedtime tea made of herbs like chamomile and lavender can also help you relax and prepare your body to hit the hay. The same effect can be achieved with some hot milk mixed with a little honey.

It’s not ideal to eat heavy meals or drink caffeinated beverages before bed. Not only will these lead to indigestion and acid reflux, but they can also cause you to go on frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night—which, in turn, will disrupt your sleep.

Create the Perfect Bedtime Environment

Readying your room for bedtime can also greatly improve your sleep quality. When your surroundings are conducive to rest, you won’t have any trouble falling into a deep sleep.

There are several things you can do to create the perfect bedtime environment in your room. Dim the lights, for example, to create a calming ambience that signals to your body that it’s time for bed. You can also use a speaker to play soothing music or ambient rain or white noise sounds in the background. The sound in your environment can slow down your heart rate and breathing, thus putting your body in a more restful state.

Set an Alarm to Remind You of Bedtime

6 Tips for Building a Nighttime Routine You Actually Enjoy

Setting your alarm to remind you to prep for bed might be a simple act, but if done habitually, it can contribute towards a healthy and restorative sleep schedule. If you don’t already do so, try turning on an alarm that specifically cues you into bedtime.

Do Your Best to Go to Bed at the Same Time Each Night

On the topic of keeping a sleep schedule, try to stick by one so that you can be consistent about maintaining your body’s internal sleep-wake cycle. When you go to bed at the same time every night and get between seven and nine hours’ worth of sleep, you’ll eventually get used to a healthy bedtime routine. This will keep your long-term sleep schedule from fluctuating and prevent further problems associated with disrupted sleep, like feeling weak, exhausted, or in an unpleasant mood.

Getting enough sleep does wonders for both the mind and the body, but it’s admittedly tough to be consistent about the habit. Try these tips for building a nighttime routine that can net you enough sleep and successfully contribute to your overall physical health, immunity, and well-being.

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