3 Reasons To Buy A Timepiece From The Latest Watch Brands

The world of fashion is constantly changing. Every designer, fashion brand, and even model change creates and innovates different styles for a fresh and unique trend for the public to appreciate. Because of this event, the fashion industry is also growing.

Every generation has a new batch of designers that will soon have game-changing designs. One popular branch of fashion is the watch industry, which is also competitive. Numerous luxury brands have released their take on timepieces, and everyone worldwide has grown to love it.

3 Reasons To Buy A Timepiece From The Latest Watch Brands

We have witnessed luxury watch brands established centuries ago transforming their pieces to adapt to the modern generation. But we must admit that the latest watch brands have a fighting chance. 

The Sevenfriday watch is one of the newest watch brands with sophisticated and elegant timepieces. Established in 2012, this brand is now a competitor in the watch industry. So if you belong to the younger generation, you might want to consider owning a Sevenfriday watch to flaunt. Continue reading this article to know why you should give this watch brand a chance. 

1. You Can Be One Of The Pioneer Users

3 Reasons To Buy A Timepiece From The Latest Watch Brands

We must admit that most people want to stick to the classics, especially when it comes to luxury watches. Many people still admire the ones that have been around for centuries, like TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, and other famous watch brands. But it will not hurt to try out the timepieces from the latest watch brands like Sevenfriday.

They offer distinct watch designs that have a more modern and youthful vibe. And their signature dial is the circle-squared shape one. Having a timepiece from the young watch brands can give you an edge, and you can flaunt how you are one of the pioneer users of their products.

Anyone open and willing enough to try a new timepiece is unique and can stand out from the fashion crowd. 

2. Be Able To Support These New Watch Brands

The new brands also need public support, just like century-long watch brands needed before. So purchasing a timepiece from newly established watch brands is a good choice. It is indeed a big help for these newbies to level up their fashion game in the watch industry, and it will also help them gain more customers.

Flaunting your watch from brands like Sevenfriday will attract more people and probably celebrities. When they grow in the industry, they can also be included in significant events and become sponsors. It will be a win-win situation for you and the brand. 

3. Become A Fashion And Watch Trendsetter

3 Reasons To Buy A Timepiece From The Latest Watch Brands

Fashion is constantly changing, and everyone has their style preference. It is always fun to join any popular fashion trend like unconventional hair colors, wearing wedge sneakers, and even wearing minimalistic and nude-colored clothes. But we must admit that we sometimes want to deviate from what everyone is doing and become a unique kind.

Being a fashion trendsetter is a big deal because it is an opportunity to expand fashion that can fit anyone’s current style preference. 

A timepiece may be a small accessory on the wrist, but it can make an outfit stand out. Wearing a watch from a fresh brand like Sevenfriday will surely be noticeable, and people would want to know more about this young brand. Their watches are perfect to wear at sporting events like soccer games or on a Sunday with some golf buddies. So why not step out of your comfort zone, and start a new trend with a Sevenfriday timepiece!

Special Mention: Notable Watches From Sevenfriday

The P-Series Engine Racing Team Red Watch

Suppose you are an avid racing fan, whether it is a motorcycle or car. Then you might want to own the Engine Team Red Watch from the P-Series. It is a black and red watch that suits the standard color palette of racing events, the classic black, red, and white colors. This men’s watch has luminous red and silver watch hands to stand out from the entire watch.

It has a Miyota 82S7 Calibre and has a 40-hour time reserve, perfect for any racing event that will last the whole day. The Engine Red watch is finished with a silicone strap for a firm wrist grip. 

Automatic Skeleton Dial Men’s Watch From the T-Series

Kingsmen is a famous movie filled with sophisticated crime-fighting gentlemen. Most of the time, they may spring into action, but they always go out in a vintage style. If you are a fan of the Kingsmen, you will love the T-Series Skeleton Watch by Sevenfriday. This watch is dominantly brown with silver and gold accents, and it has a luminescence finish with gunmetal for the watch’s hands.

The TMI caliber NH70, stainless steel, 40-hour time reserve, and 30 m water resistance makes the watch extra durable and elegant. 

The Urban Explorer Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

Most luxury watches are made to match tuxedos, polos, and polo shirts. But the Urban Explorer decided to take a different route. If your signature style always involves denim, this watch is perfect for you. It is a navy blue-colored watch with a fabric denim strap to finish it off.

This modern-looking watch has a Miyota Caliber 8215 and a 40-hour time reserve. Getting this timepiece is perfect for casual wear or walking on a runway with a denim clothing line. 

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with not sticking to the classic luxury watch brands, and it is essential to be more open-minded and be willing to explore the latest established watch brands that are trying to make a household name in the watch industry. Sevenfriday may be a young brand, but it made sure to bring innovation and creativity for the world to see. Each timepiece is made with an effort to ensure elegance, style, and durability.

These watches are something to invest in, especially if you want to grow financially. If you are curious and want to be up to date with the latest Sevenfriday releases, visit TheWatchCompany.com today!

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