Can I Use A VPN On My Mobile Device?

There’s no denying that mobile devices have drastically altered how we live and work. From helping us to stay connected with loved ones to meeting new friends, helping us navigate strange places to making purchases whenever and wherever. But for all the freedom mobile device offers, they also make our personal data more vulnerable.

Why Do Hackers Target Mobile Devices?

It’s not just personal information that hackers are trying to get a hold of, but business data too. Cybersecurity is vital for SMEs, and with data showing that more than 60% of businesses experiencing a cyberattack in the last few years, it all starts with employee vigilance. Hackers can gain access to a company’s network, including the personal data of all their customers, through just one device.

What Is A VPN?

Can I Use A VPN On My Mobile Device?

Every time your device is connected to the internet, whether through a private home network or on public Wi-Fi, you’re still visible and therefore still vulnerable. A virtual private network helps to conceal internet data travelling to and from your devices.

Adding this extra encryption helps keep your data safe from potential hackers looking to steal your sensitive data and personal information.

When To Use A VPN?

A VPN is ideal for when you need to connect to a public network or doing any sort of online banking and even when you’re making a call or video call.

Even if you’re using a secure private network, like your home’s internet, using a highly secure VPN can help protect your identity.

Does My Phone Need A VPN?

With over 80% of the world’s population now using a smartphone, if you’re not using a VPN you could be putting yourself at risk of unnecessary fraud, particularly if your phone is running on outdated software.

Outdated software can provide scammers and hackers with easy access to your device and steal your passwords and any data you may hold on your phone, which is why each time there’s a software update, you should install it.

Can You Use A VPN On Apple And Android?

Can I Use A VPN On My Mobile Device?

Yes. VPNs can be used across all smartphone devices, including IOS and Android. However, because Android phones are open source, they tend to be more vulnerable to attack the IOS, so installing and using a VPN on an Android phone may be more pressing.

Adding a VPN to your mobile device will still enable you to use your device and apps as normal, and it won’t affect function, battery life, or load speed.