Catoctin Creek Introduces Fill Your Own: A Whisky Connoisseur’s Dream

Discover the unrivalled whisky experience at Catoctin Creek Distilling Co., the esteemed Virginia Rye Whisky ℠ producer.

Step into the heart of Purcellville Distillery and embark on a journey like no other. In addition to captivating distillery tours and delightful flights of spirits and cocktails, Catoctin Creek now unveils its extraordinary “Catoctin Creek Filling Station” that allows visitors to personalise their own bottles.

The Pioneering Legacy of Catoctin Creek Distillery

Since its establishment in 2009 by Becky and Scott Harris, Catoctin Creek Distillery has proudly held the distinction of being Loudoun County’s first legal distillery since the Prohibition era.

Catoctin Creek® Introduces Fill Your Own: A Whisky Connoisseur's Dream

Deeply rooted in Virginia’s historical whisky heritage, this renowned distillery is committed to upholding the time-honoured traditions that earned Virginia the title of “Birthplace of American Whisky.” Notably, Catoctin Creek Distillery has gained recognition as the producer of “Virginia’s most awarded Whisky.”

Introducing the Catoctin Creek Filling Station

Quenching the thirst of ardent whisky enthusiasts, Catoctin Creek now introduces the alluring ‘Catoctin Creek Filling Station.’ Within this remarkable concept, visitors have the privilege of selecting and pouring their own whisky at this exceptional destination.

Carefully chosen barrels, each boasting a unique narrative, have been reserved exclusively for guests, ensuring an experience that transcends the ordinary. These bespoke bottles of whisky will remain exclusive to the tasting room, unattainable elsewhere.

A Rare Offering for Discerning Palates

Becky Harris, the esteemed President and Chief Distiller of Catoctin Creek shares her excitement about this extraordinary opportunity. She reveals, “Usually, these rare barrels would be set aside for commercial customers, but we thought it would be nice, from time to time, to offer them to our visitors”

Catoctin Creek® Introduces Fill Your Own: A Whisky Connoisseur's Dream

The Barrel Select Premium Whisky, priced at $129.99 per bottle, beckons whisky lovers to immerse themselves in an unparalleled experience and indulge in the allure of Catoctin Creek’s handcrafted spirits.


Prepare to awaken your whisky passion at Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.’s one-of-a-kind Filling Station. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Virginia Rye Whisky ℠ and become part of a legacy rooted in craftsmanship and dedication.

With an unrivalled commitment to providing visitors with a truly unforgettable experience, Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. invites you to unlock the extraordinary and create cherished memories with every sip of their exclusive Barrel Select Premium Whisky. Visit the Purcellville Distillery and embark on a whisky journey like no other.