How To Celebrate That Milestone Birthday In Style

Are you turning 21, 50 or perhaps even 70 soon? Regardless of which decade you find yourself nestled into, we can all agree that milestone birthdays are those extra special landmark ages that deserve more attention than just a simple cake and card. Milestone birthdays are worthy of big celebrations – after all, each new milestone introduces a brand new chapter of life that you are about to start. 

If you are on a mission to plan the ultimate milestone birthday event to celebrate with friends and family, you’ve certainly chanced upon the perfect article. Today, we spoil you for choice by sharing 5 different ideas for celebrating your next milestone birthday in style. So, if you’re ready to host a birthday bash that no one will forget for years to come, simply read on to find out more! 

1. Enjoy A Night Of Fine Dining And Fun

How To Celebrate That Milestone Birthday In Style

If you’re a true foodie at heart, nothing beats spending your precious milestone birthday at your favourite fine dining restaurant. Whether it’s sitting down to a tantalising spread with a small group of your closest friends or planning for a crowd by reserving one of your favourite restaurants with function rooms, a milestone birthday is most certainly the perfect event to spoil yourself silly with quality food, wine and fun. 

To ensure that the celebrations go smoothly, we highly recommend booking a table or function room well in advance. Most fine dining establishments often book out in the blink of an eye, and the last thing you want is to have to settle for the second best on your special day. It is also crucial to ensure that the restaurant you choose for your birthday celebration can accommodate your party. No one wants to be left out, so a little research and pre-planning is a must. Go forth, eat, drink and conquer! 

Top Tip: Don’t want the fun to end? Create lasting memories and carry on into the night by visiting your favourite local bars, pubs and establishments for a night that you (and your loved ones) are guaranteed to never forget. Explore 6 bar crawl ideas for the ultimate birthday bash here

2. Set Sail Into The Next Year 

How To Celebrate That Milestone Birthday In Style

Assuming you’re not someone who gets seasick, nothing is more magical than spending your milestone birthday on a cruise. Cruises are a fantastic way to see the world while still having access to familiar home comforts. Not only will you be travelling on a glamorous ship with thousands of other passengers, but you will also be treated to the luxuries and amenities of a large-scale resort.

While on your birthday cruise, you’ll port and explore different destinations throughout your cruise itinerary. Furthermore, celebrating your special day on a cruise (whether solo or accompanied by friends and loved ones), offers a lot less hassle than trying to figure out the logistics of a land-based getaway. 

Top Tip: No milestone birthday is complete without an amazing cake, so be sure to let your cruise organisers know that a celebration is in order. Do note that candles are not allowed onboard — the biggest threat to cruise ship safety is fire — but staff can often provide you with a cake for your special day if you order it in advance. They’ll also sing you a happy birthday song (if you want) to really make your day that much more special! 

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3. Take A Trip With Friends

How To Celebrate That Milestone Birthday In Style

If you’re lucky enough to have some time to kill, why not consider taking a trip with friends to celebrate your special day? One of the best ways to spend your milestone birthday is a holiday away from home with your friends and family. This could be something as simple as setting off on a weekend getaway to a neighbouring state (hello sunny Noosa!), or as elaborate as planning a 2-week adventure in Bali, London, Spain or Singapore.

Of course, a little pre-planning is necessary if you opt for an overseas adventure, but we guarantee it will be well worth the effort. When in doubt, there are numerous resources online dedicated to making your group trip planning as pain-free as possible. 

At the end of the day, there are endless options for birthday fun when you travel with the ones nearest and dearest to your heart. Explore 20 birthday trip ideas for every type of traveller here

4. Check Something Off Your Bucket List 

How To Celebrate That Milestone Birthday In Style

If you have a list of things to check off your bucket list, there is no better time than a milestone birthday to start ticking off a few boxes. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane, swimming with sharks or simply watching the sunset from a boat in Hawaii, milestone birthdays are the perfect reminder that time is precious and tomorrow is never guaranteed. In the spirit of living life to the fullest, your birthday is a momentous day to make your dreams come true.

Go skydiving or bungee jumping. Get that tattoo you’ve always wanted. Sing in the rain like no one is watching. Learn something new by signing up for a class or course. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and be adventurous – it can be as simple or elaborate as you like! 

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5. Host A Birthday Dinner At Home

How To Celebrate That Milestone Birthday In Style

Last but not least, if you’re a homebody who prefers to keep things low-key, nothing beats hosting a milestone birthday dinner at home. The beauty of a birthday dinner at home is that you’ll be able to celebrate in your comfort zone, all while being showered with love and adoration by the ones nearest and dearest to you. Depending on the size of the crowd you are anticipating, you may consider serving up a home-cooked meal prepared with love, or simply leave the hard work to your favourite caterer or restaurant.

You could even choose a themed birthday party featuring costumes, decorations and mouth-watering dishes from various cultures around the world. If you’re planning for a crowd and lacking in seating space, why not consider hiring a marquee that you can set up in your backyard or patio? The options are endless when you celebrate at home, so be sure to think out of the box. It is your special day after all! 

When all is said and done, milestone birthdays are the perfect chance to celebrate, commemorate past years and what’s to come, and connect with loved ones – regardless of whether it’s at home, overseas or at your favourite fine dining restaurant. Explore 27 ways to celebrate your birthday at home here


And there you have it – 5 amazing ideas for celebrating your next or upcoming milestone birthday in style. Will you be considering any of these ideas for your next celebration? Have a few suggestions of your own? Don’t be shy — share your thoughts and ideas in our comments section below!

Until next time, we hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with love, laughter, joy, and great memories!

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