Celebrating the Passover Holiday in Florida in 2022

Passover is the most important Jewish holiday to many Jewish observers. In 2020 the ability to travel and to gather together to celebrate the Passover holiday was put on halt by a disease. Jewish people were not the only ones who could not travel or do the things they normally did, but to Jewish people, this time of internment felt more like a prison sentence when their religious holiday to celebrate their freedom from slavery came around and they were imprisoned in their homes and their travel and celebrations were forbidden.


In 2021 the Jewish people got out and they began to travel again, where they could and enjoy some of the celebratory observances like seder dinners and family Vacations. The Jewish people were sick of stay-cations and being at home, so if they could find a flight, book a room, or travel they set out to do so.

The Passover programs were encouraged by the resurgence of the people in 2021 but still in 2021 there were not many people who had been vaccinated so the travel restrictions were still in place, and social distancing along with the wearing of face coverings was required in almost every public venue.

2021 also saw a new variant to the Covid. The Delta variant reared its ugly head and proved to be deadly and faster to spread than the original disease. Still, the Jewish people did not give up faith and any of them that could travel did just that.


2022 offers more travel opportunities and less fear of disease. The vaccines to help people not get Covid, or to at least make the people have a milder case and be less likely to be hospitalized are freely available in almost every country. There is even a new booster to strengthen the immunity you have against the illness, and although there is a new variant spreading around the world the majority of people are getting mildly ill and require no hospitalizations.


Celebrating the Passover Holiday in Florida in 2022

Since the travel bans and illness have kept so many people cooped up in cities, and cooped in areas with cold weather and plenty of snow, in 200 Florida is going to be a perfect Passover vacation destination, the easiest way to view all options for Passover in Florida is to check totallyjewishtravel.com, featuring the largest and most reliable resource for Passover programs.

Warm Weather

Celebrating the Passover Holiday in Florida in 2022

It is time to shake off the cold and get outside where the presence of God can be seen and felt. The beautiful warm weather in this area will remind you that God does love you and He does create miraculous and beautiful things for people to enjoy.

Walk for a short time on one of the expanses of white sandy beaches and feel the sea breeze in your hair and you will feel the warm caress of the heavenly Father. Where ocean and land meet people can spend glorious hours enjoying mesmerizing views and watching the wonders of nature.

Listening to the waves caress the shoreline at night when the moon is shining slivery beams across the glistening surface of the water will remind you that you are loved, and you are capable of loving others. Walk hand in hand with someone you love along the beach and just listen as nature talks to you.

Kayaking, Surfing, Sailing

Celebrating the Passover Holiday in Florida in 2022

Adventure seekers and water sport enthusiasts will have the time of their life in Florida. This is a holy week but it is also a time for you to remember that God set you free. God gave you a world of beautiful scenery, and fabulous adventures to have.

Go surfing, ride the waves and feel the power of the ocean swells beneath your board. Get in a kayak at sunrise and paddle out into the blue waters where there is only nature and a promise of the love God has for you. Experience the thrill of paddling the boat and managing the current as you glide across the surface of the water as free and effortless as the dolphins swim through it.

Go snorkelling and dive into the depths of the water to find the hidden treasures of marine life that exist below the surface. There is an entirely new world waiting beneath the waves for you to embrace them and see them in their natural splendour.

Adventure Parks

Celebrating the Passover Holiday in Florida in 2022

See the numerous adventure parks in this beautiful state. Your children, both the young and the old, will be delighted at visits to the Disney-themed parks to ride the rides and experience the magic that surrounds these areas.

SeaWorld is home to amazing animals, experiences where you can learn about the creatures that live in the oceans, and even take part in feeding them and interacting with them. Florida is home to spectacular aquariums, and programs that let you swim with the dolphins and the manatees. See conservation sites where the sea turtle and other marine life forms are protected so we do not lose these valuable resources.

Visit some of the world’s best golf courses. Play a few rounds of golf on courses that have been host to games where the masters of the game have played. See the greens where the greatest golfers have enjoyed the sport and where magic has been made by inspiring players like Tiger Woods.

The lights, the sounds, the music, the way of life will all be a part of your vacation when you choose to go to Florida and spend a week soaking up the sunshine and breathing nothing but sea kissed air. From April 15th to April 23rd, you can see some of the most beautiful people in the world taking time off of their jobs and away from their homes to walk barefoot in the sand, and engage in the sun-kissed experience of a Passover in Florida.

Family Fun

The trip to Florida is perfect for families with children or with a variety of ages in their group. There is something in Florida for every age group to enjoy and experience. The Passover programs even make sure that dinners are served at varying times so children, older people, and younger people can all eat when they want, and still be able to do all of the things they want.

The nightlife of Florida is a fun-filled hopping scene. The dancing and revelry is rich in every town, and there are music shows, dining, cruises, sailing at sunset, and so many more things for you to do after the sun goes down.

Florida is awake and inviting at all hours of the day and night. There are shops, animal parks, wildlife sanctuaries, the NASA centre, and so many things to do in this state that the majority of families have to visit Florida several times before they can say they have seen it all and done it all.

You will find the people are friendly. The water is inviting. The sand is alluring. The food is exceptional and the spirit of Florida is contagious. You will want to return and to see more and spend more time being a part of the United States that is diverse, accepting, and simply fun.

Final Thoughts

2022 is going to be a great year to visit Florida for Passover. You may want to consider booking your rooms ahead of time so you can be sure there is an available place for your family to stay this year.

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