How To Choose The Best Wall Art Artwork For Your Home

A single piece of wall art can either miraculously transform a dull room into an enlivening space or might also do the opposite and worse. I’m sure you would want to avoid the latter, and hence, it is essential to find the right and best wall art for your space.

Choosing the best well art depends on many parameters like the color palette of your interior, interior style, the size of the space, and above all, YOU! Yes, wall art in your home tells a lot about you and poster

your style and it is entirely upon you on how you choose to display it.

Selecting the best artwork for your home could be a tedious task. But fret not! This artist offers a simple step-by-step guide to make the mission more therapeutic, fun, and personal.

1. Select The Wall And Space

How To Choose The Best Wall Art Artwork For Your Home

Begin by deciding where you want to hang the wall art in your home. It could be your living area, the empty wall above the sofas, dining room, bedroom, gallery, the wall adjacent to stairs, or any place you want.

Assess the place properly, and move on to the next step.

2. Select The Size

How To Choose The Best Wall Art Artwork For Your Home

Once you have decided on the location, assess the size of the wall and keep in mind the size of the wall art that would fit nicely on the place available.

For example, if the available space is vast and empty, a small wall art would ruin the entire look of the wall and room. On the other hand, if the wall is ornamented with wall art of just the right size, it would create a balance and look perfect in the room.

Different sizes that you could consider are –

  • Oversized wall art – 40 inches
  • Large-sized wall art – 28-40 inches
  • Medium-sized wall art – 20-28 inches
  • Small-sized wall art – 12-20 inches
  • Mini wall art – 8-12 inches

You can test the wall art’s look and size by sticking paper or cardboard on the wall you have chosen the artwork.

3. Select The Layout

How To Choose The Best Wall Art Artwork For Your Home

After deciding on the size of the wall art, think of the layout and the type of wall art you want. It could be a gallery wall art in the grid look, maybe for your family vacation memories, or a huge single piece of wall art that is dynamic and catches the attention or tells a story.

It could be perfectly square or rectangular posters, horizontal or vertical. You can also consider choosing a trifecta wall art that pulls attention to each part and the entire wall art.

4. Select The Place Or Website From Where You Want To Buy The Artwork

How To Choose The Best Wall Art Artwork For Your Home

Now that you have chosen the space, size, and layout, it is time to choose the right place from where you want to buy the wall art. There are a lot of websites that bring the paintings from established artists and designer-inspired artworks directly to your doorstep.

Canvaspop, a renowned company, makes it super easy for you to select the best art for your home. They offer quality and variety of wall arts to make your home look just perfect for you. They have it all from abstract to geometric, travel photography to space prints, and fine art to minimalist patterns. You name it, and you get it!

If you want to create, design, or modify an art according to your style and taste, check out custom art by CanvasPop.

Not only this, but Canvaspop also allows you to print the illustrations and graphics of the wall art you have chosen to make it easier for you to decide which artwork suits your space the best!

If you want the wall art from on-site stores, you can visit nearby home furniture and accessories stores, or get it from seasonal exhibitions in your town.

5. Select The Artwork By Theme And Color Scheme

How To Choose The Best Wall Art Artwork For Your Home

Now comes the most crucial stage, that is, to select the best artwork for your home. If you are not an art connoisseur, choosing the art can become quite overwhelming. Here are a few steps that will make it fun and easy for you.

What theme do you want to go for?

Think of the artwork of the wall art artwork to be an extension of you, your style, and your personality. Accordingly, decide the mood you want to convey through the wall art.

One of the most random yet accurate ways to choose an artwork is to trust your instincts and select the one that just feels right. If not, categorize the wall arts by theme and color and blend it seamlessly to give it a personal touch.

A few of the themes that you can consider according to your space are –

  • Minimalist illustration: Conveys simplicity and makes the room look uncluttered, organized, and spacious.
  • Floral – Adds color and beauty to your space. Suitable for areas that are not so rich in colors. In that way, the wall art will catch the attention in the room.
  • Abstract – Abstract wall art is mainly used to tell a story. You can consider putting up a large abstract wall art on the main walls of a hallway or a gallery.
  • Modern – Modern wall art befits a space with a neutral color palette and gives a professional yet classy look to your room. Modern art also comes in bright colors, and it goes well with the modern home interior.

To select the wall art by color scheme, consider the color palette that suits your room. The Pastel color palette emanates a sense of calmness. A complementary color palette can make your wall art pop out in the room, and bold colors like deep red, orange, evoke the feeling of excitement, power and even look chaotic at times. So, it is crucial to choose the right color palette.

Once you know the artwork you want for your room, select the frame to add to the artwork’s aesthetics and finishing.


How To Choose The Best Wall Art Artwork For Your Home

The entire process of choosing the best artwork for your home boils down to one thing, which is the story that YOU want to tell and how you want your personality to reflect through the wall art you have chosen. It’s your home and your choice.

Be as creative as you can, trust your instincts, follow the abovementioned steps, and Voila! You have got the best art for your home!

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