Choosing Clothes For A Newborn In Winter: 5 Must-Haves & How To Choose

If you are ready to meet your baby soon, you might have asked yourself such questions as what kind of clothes to take for the baby in the hospital? What size? How much clothing does a newborn need? We will answer all these questions in the article.

Putting together the first wardrobe for your child is a pleasant and responsible process. It is not just about going to insight clothing and randomly filling your basket. It is necessary to take into account all the needs of the baby, including the obvious one in cold weather – low temperature.

Think of the following list as a base to start from. You can find numerous cute and high-quality options of baby and toddler clothes on Another great option of understanding the needs of the child is to consult experienced mothers among your friends.

Choosing Clothes For A Newborn In Winter: 5 Must-Haves & How To Choose

Let’s have a look at the main things to prepare:

  • Diapers
  • Bodysuits and undershirts
  • Pants, romper, and overall
  • Booties and socks
  • Non-scratch mittens
  • Thin bonnet and winter hat
  • Insulated overall or an envelope

Preparing Clothes For A Baby

Next, we will tell you in detail: what to focus on, which things are interchangeable, and which ones should be stocked up in as large quantities as possible.

1. Diapers

You need to take 5-7 pieces of baby linen if you plan to use diapers. Otherwise, take them several times more. You will also need flannel nappies to cover your baby’s changing table and sleeping area. The convenient diaper size is 60×60.

Bodysuits and undershirts. Undershirts are the classics of clothes for a maternity hospital for a newborn. The undershirt does not need to be worn over the head, which is a huge advantage. Many children do not like this and often this process is accompanied by tears.

Choosing Clothes For A Newborn In Winter: 5 Must-Haves & How To Choose

2. Pants, Romper, And Jumpsuit

Choose from soft, natural fabrics. Please note that there should be no hard seams, tight elastic bands, or rough buttons. In addition, take into account the required size, because too spacious clothes will not be very comfortable for the newborn. As an alternative to pants, we also suggest considering a warmer option – children’s semi-overalls.

3. Booties And Socks

What you need in a maternity hospital in winter is undoubtedly socks. Look towards the smallest specimens. Make sure they are narrow because too wide socks can fly off small legs.

4. Non-Scratch Mittens

Children quickly learn to deal with them, taking them off as soon as possible. Therefore, in order to provide reliable protection for the baby, it is more advisable to purchase bodysuits with mittens.

Choosing Clothes For A Newborn In Winter: 5 Must-Haves & How To Choose

5. Thin Bonnet And Winter Hat

The thin cap is worn under a winter hat so as not to irritate the delicate head skin. It should be made of soft material.

Take the task of choosing clothes for a baby seriously and pay increased attention to the materials used for clothing. It will not only ensure that your new bundle of joy sleeps better but will prevent their delicate skin from getting irritated. Of course, you can choose cute or fun designs to make them more pleasant.