Savile Row Celebrates Wool Month with Eco-Luxe Innovation

Savile Row, renowned for its bespoke tailoring tradition, is embracing sustainability during Wool Month this October.

A partnership between Eco-Luxe and Savile Row tailors promises to redefine luxury through recycled wool cloth.

Eco-Luxe and Savile Row tailors recently unveiled a groundbreaking recycled wool cloth at Holland & Sherry. This remarkable fabric is crafted from recycled wool off-cuts, highlighting the commitment of Savile Row tailors to sustainability.

The Campaign for Wool pop-up on Savile Row, located at 30 Old Burlington Street, opened its doors to the public allowing everyone to explore the wonders of wool.

Savile Row Celebrates Wool Month with Eco-Luxe Innovation

Innovative Collaboration for Sustainable Fashion

Eco-Luxe has taken a significant step forward by collaborating with Savile Row’s bespoke tailoring houses, accessory makers, and cloth merchants. Participating in this ambitious project are iconic names such as Anderson & Sheppard, Gieves & Hawkes, Henry Poole & Co, Richard Anderson, Dege & Skinner, Kathryn Sargent, Holland & Sherry, Arthur Sleep and Pickett London. Together, they are transforming textile waste into bespoke garments, accessories, and textiles, setting a new standard for eco-conscious fashion.

Eco-Luxe founder Su Thomas led the charge by collecting over 200 kg of textile waste from Savile Row tailors. This waste was then processed, resulting in the UK’s first “fibre opening” machine, located at iinouiio. Subsequently, the waste pieces of cloth were converted into yarn and woven into luxurious cloth at Woven in The Bone, a micro mill in Scotland. The outcome? A remarkable 36 metres of grey herringbone luxury cloth, setting a precedent for zero-waste tailoring and promoting responsible waste management.

Showcasing Sustainability and Craftsmanship

The launch event at Holland & Sherry, Savile Row, will not only unveil the recycled wool cloth but also showcase garments, products, and homeware items created from this innovative material. Supported by the Campaign for Wool, Savile Row will feature dedicated window displays on Old Burlington Street and Clifford Street, highlighting the importance of sustainable fashion.

Savile Row Celebrates Wool Month with Eco-Luxe Innovation

Peter Ackroyd, COO of The Campaign for Wool commented: “The Campaign for Wool is delighted to see the development of a scheme to ensure tailors on the Row spare no effort in ensuring almost zero waste occurs in the already ecologically efficient creation of bespoke clothing. To see further life given to what would be considered waste is particularly encouraging. Wool, unlike the vast majority of fibres, at the very end of its life, is perfectly biodegradable and if buried, actually enriches the soil.” 

His Majesty King Charles III, quoted when he was His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Patron Campaign for Wool: “It is abundantly clear to me that we need to make changes to the way we think about the production, use and the disposal of clothing and textiles if we are going to get anywhere near to meeting the United Nations climate change goals set for the industry. A major part of that change has to be moving from a linear system to a circular one, where textiles and clothing are produced sustainably, enjoy long use, and are made using natural materials, such as wool, which will biodegrade naturally and quickly at the end of their useful life.” 

The Wonders of Wool

The Campaign for Wool pop-up will showcase the remarkable properties of wool, from insulation to thermoregulation, highlighting its importance in a sustainable future. Visitors can expect to see key wool apparel and interior products, with a focus on wool trends, craft, and innovation.

Lastly, the Women in Tailoring event, in collaboration with the Campaign for Wool, aims to build a community of women across the tailoring and associated industries.

It provides a platform for discussion and collaboration, promoting shared goals, beliefs, and issues within the industry.

In conclusion, Savile Row’s commitment to sustainable fashion and innovation is at the forefront of this year’s Wool Month celebrations.

With the introduction of recycled wool cloth, the iconic street is setting a remarkable example for the future of eco-conscious luxury fashion.

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