Christie’s Avant-Garde Art Auction: Masterpieces & Icons

Christie’s, renowned for its prestigious art auctions, is set to dazzle art enthusiasts once again on the 20th of October.

Following the remarkable success of last year’s auction, which netted a staggering 66.7 million euros, Christie’s presents the exceptional “Avant-garde(s) including Thinking Italian” sale. This auction serves as a tribute to the greatest artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, featuring an array of museum-quality works that promise to captivate collectors worldwide.

The Masterpieces on Display

At the heart of this remarkable auction is Joan Miró’s extraordinary work, “Peintures (Femmes, lune, étoiles)” (1949), originally from La Colombe d’Or. This masterpiece promises to be a showstopper, drawing art aficionados into Miró’s mesmerizing world of creativity.

Christie's Avant-Garde Art Auction: Masterpieces & Icons

The auction doesn’t stop with Miró; it showcases a diverse collection of artworks by other influential artists such as Yves Klein, Marcel Duchamp, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Pablo Picasso, Zao Wou Ki, and François-Xavier Lalanne. These pieces represent a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions and styles, promising something for every discerning collector.

Several works in this auction boast rare and prestigious provenance. Notable among them is an Yves Tanguy piece from the Matisse family collection, adding an extra layer of significance to this event. Additionally, a large Dorothea Tanning painting, once owned by Alain Jouffroy, further enhances the auction’s allure.

Thinking Italian: A Curated Selection

For the second consecutive year, Christie’s Paris is dedicating a section of the auction to the greatest Italian masters of the 20th century. The “Thinking Italian” section promises to be a captivating exploration of Italian art, featuring works by Lucio Fontana, Domenico Gnoli, Mario Schifano, and Alighiero Boetti, among others.

Lucio Fontana’s creations take centre stage in this auction. Notably, “Concetto Spaziale” (1961), a masterpiece from the artist’s signature Venezia series, is expected to garner considerable attention. Fontana’s exploration of surface and dimensionality, evident in his iconic “tagli” series, is a testament to his innovative artistic vision.

Christie's Avant-Garde Art Auction: Masterpieces & Icons

Domenico Gnoli’s 1966 painting, “Giro di collo 15 V,” is a treasure from the prestigious private art collection of Jan Krugier. Gnoli’s meticulous attention to everyday details, reminiscent of Morandi and De Chirico’s metaphysical paintings, invites viewers into a world where two-dimensionality conceals hidden sensuality and theatricality.

Mario Schifano’s “Grande Verde,” part of his rare and emblematic Monochrome series, adds a unique dimension to the auction. With an estimated value of €700,000 – 1,000,000, this painting’s presence is a testament to Schifano’s lasting impact on the art world.

A Glimpse of Other Treasures

The auction also boasts a diverse selection of artworks, including “Oltreblu” by Piero Dorazio, “Oggi ventiseiesimo quinto mese anno uno nove otto nove” by Alighiero Boetti, and “Omaggio a Debussy” by Tancredi. Each piece brings its own unique charm and value to the event.

Leading the auction is Joan Miró’s “Peinture (Femmes, lune, étoiles),” a masterpiece painted in 1949. This artwork, having graced esteemed venues such as the Centre Pompidou, Fondation Maeght, and Fundació Miró, holds a special place in the art market. Its remarkable provenance, originating from La Colombe d’Or, a historic hotel frequented by iconic 20th-century artists, adds to its allure.

René Magritte’s “Le Palais de rideaux” (1965) is a visual delight that exemplifies Magritte’s trompe-l’oeil technique. This artwork raises intriguing questions about the interplay between imagery and language, a theme the artist explored throughout his career.

Christie's Avant-Garde Art Auction: Masterpieces & Icons

The auction also features “Tu t’évapores dans un buisson,” a captivating painting by the sought-after Czech surrealist Marie Cerminová, known as Toyen. This 1956 artwork, estimated at €700,000 – 1M, presents a fantastical blend of animal and human forms.

Yves Klein’s “Monochrome Bleu Sans Titre” (1956) is a testament to his mastery of blue as a mystical and immaterial force. The textured expanse of pure blue in this artwork invites viewers to engage with its profound visual and sensory impact.

The auction provides insights into postwar art with Jean Fautrier’s “Nu” (1957) and Pierre Soulages‘ “Peinture 92 x 130 cm, 4 mai 2004.” These works demonstrate the artists’ dedication to deconstructing and reinventing painting during this period.

Design Pieces and More

Christie’s Avant-Garde(s) sale is not limited to paintings alone. It also showcases design pieces, including the rare “Au navigateur,” a variation of a significant Carcasse table by Diego Giacometti. Additionally, three iconic François-Xavier Lalanne sculptures in epoxy concrete and bronze are set to impress.

An edition of one of Man Ray’s signature photographs, “Le Violon d’Ingres,” is a noteworthy inclusion. With only two existing old prints of this iconic artwork, its presence in the auction is sure to draw significant interest.

From the 11th to the 24th of October, Christie’s will also host the Art Moderne Online Sale, featuring around 150 lots. Highlights include a painting by Marc Chagall emblematic of his Circus series, along with many other sought-after and rare artworks.

Christie’s Avant-Garde(s) sale on the 20th of October promises to be a remarkable event in the world of art auctions. With a diverse range of masterpieces, unique provenance, and a glimpse into the creative minds of renowned artists, this auction is not to be missed by art collectors and enthusiasts.

Images: Christie’s

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