Christie’s Latin American Art Auction: A Visual Extravaganza

Christie’s, a renowned name in the art world, recently unveiled two captivating events scheduled for this autumn: the Latin American Art auction and the Latin American Art Online auction.

While the Latin American Art auction will be held live at the prestigious Christie’s Rockefeller Center flagship saleroom on Thursday, September 28, at 11 AM EST, the Latin American Art Online auction will be accessible for bidding online from Friday, September 22, to Thursday, October 5. Both auctions will feature an exhibition from Saturday, September 23, to Wednesday, September 27.

Celebrating Latin American Art

Christie’s is dedicated to honouring and celebrating the rich and diverse visual culture of the Americas and the Caribbean through its dedicated sales of Latin American art. The September sale is set to showcase exceptional artworks by leading modern and contemporary artists from the region.

Christie's Latin American Art Auction: A Visual Extravaganza
Fernando Botero, En La Plaza

The star of the auction is an exquisite piece by the legendary Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo, titled “Los tres amigos,” with an estimated value of $1,000,000 to $1,500,000. The auction also boasts remarkable works by renowned artists like Diego Rivera, Matta, Fernando Botero, and Wifredo Lam. Moreover, a wide array of exemplary pieces across various media, including works by Gego, Belkis Ayόn, Ana Mendieta, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Tomás Sánchez, and many others, will be up for bidding.

Online Art Extravaganza

The online-only Latin American Art sale offers a fantastic selection of artworks spanning different eras in the region’s history. From colonial-era treasures to contemporary masterpieces, this auction provides a unique opportunity for both emerging and seasoned collectors to explore this diverse category. The collection includes important modern and contemporary works by artists such as Jesús Rafael Soto, Francisco Toledo, Angel Botello, Julio Galán, Roberto Burle Marx, Francisco Zúñiga, Belkis Ayón, and many more.

Christie's Latin American Art Auction: A Visual Extravaganza
Manuel Piña, Untitled

One of the auction’s highlights is the inclusion of works from The Howard and Patricia Farber Collection, one of the most comprehensive collections of contemporary Cuban art. This collection features pieces by renowned artists like Tania Bruguera, Los Carpinteros, TONEL, Segundo Planes, and Armando Mariño, among others.

Historias/Histories: A Transformative Exhibition

In conjunction with the fall auctions, Christie’s is delighted to present “Historias/Histories,” a selling exhibition that showcases the work of contemporary artists whose creations delve into themes of memory, storytelling, community, and place. These artists, through their art, engage in a profound process of unearthing and sharing personal and communal experiences.

Christie's Latin American Art Auction: A Visual Extravaganza
Rufino Tamayo, Los Tres Amigos

The exhibition, which opens at Christie’s New York on September 23 and remains on view until October 22, features outstanding works by prominent artists like Gisela Colón, Dalton Gata, Scherezade García, Miguel Luciano, César Martínez, Yvette Mayorga, Aliza Nisenbaum, Freddy Rodríguez, and many others.

Celebrating Latinx Artistry

As the art world in the United States responds to the growing demand for diversity, including increased representation of Latinx artists across museums, institutions, and the market, Christie’s takes a historic step by hosting the first-ever exhibition dedicated to showcasing the contributions of Latinx artists to contemporary art in the U.S. and beyond.

Christie's Latin American Art Auction: A Visual Extravaganza
Aliza Nisenbaum, Gianina Gia

The term “Latinx” refers to individuals of Latin American or Caribbean descent who live and work in the U.S., with the use of the suffix ‘x’ being an inclusive alternative to Latina/o. This groundbreaking exhibition marks a significant milestone in recognising the enduring impact of Latinx artists on the vitality of contemporary art.

In conclusion, Christie’s continues its commitment to promoting and celebrating Latin American art, offering art enthusiasts a chance to engage with exceptional works and groundbreaking exhibitions that explore diverse narratives and histories. Don’t miss these extraordinary opportunities to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Latin American art.

Images: Christie’s

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