Classy Home Design: Turn Your Living Room Into A Royal Palace

Renovating your home is a great chance to think of something different and implement it. If you have an idea, nothing should stop you from doing it. Nothing’s impossible, and if you set your mind to something, you should go on and do it.

There are many options for you when you’re making renovations. You can choose the same style and just refresh the living area, or create a real change and go for a completely new look.

Some people admire the royal style and love a mix of traditional style and wealth. This combination does not come cheap, and if you’re not financially ready, you might not be able to pull it off. Royal families are incredibly wealthy, so have this in mind. Still, with tons of imitations on the market, you may try it and see how it goes.

In this article, we’re sharing a few tips on how to turn your home into a royal palace. Follow the points below, and see what kinds of redecorations are needed for becoming royalty. Read on and see more on this.

1. Install An Oversized Chandelier

Classy Home Design: Turn Your Living Room Into A Royal Palace

The chandelier is the signature of a wealthy family. The living room needs one that will be oversized and spectacular. It has to dominate the living room, and if you can afford it, you can also place some in the hallways and other rooms.

Some prefer to make it look like gold. If you try to opt for a real one, it may cost millions of dollars, which is not something that everyone can afford. Still, any oversized dominating chandelier should be on top of the list.

2. Place A Lot Of Art On The Walls

Classy Home Design: Turn Your Living Room Into A Royal Palace

Art is essential to feel like royalty. The best thing is to get many art pieces that significant painters throughout history painted, but any painting will look good on your walls when you’re trying to make this impression.

Opt for paintings that have live event scenes, portraits, and similar. The bigger the frame and the painting, the better the effect will be—order one custom-made showing you and your family because every royalty has one.

3. Carefully Choose Furniture

Classy Home Design: Turn Your Living Room Into A Royal Palace

Royalty means traditional design and furniture that is mainly made of wood. Although modern royal homes are widely changed, and some use modern styles, you’d want to keep that traditional look and get furniture featuring a lot of wood implementation.

Pick a sofa and a table representing your style, and don’t forget to add some comfy chairs for the guests. Think of something modern but traditional, like the famous Wishbone chair that looks amazing and represents true art.

4. Change Metal With Gold

Classy Home Design: Turn Your Living Room Into A Royal Palace

Faucets, door handles, and everything else around the house will look much classier if you replace them with gold. Of course, this is extremely expensive, so you can just go with an imitation. No one will know if that’s genuine gold or not, but your kitchen faucet or the bathroom will surely look like you’re in the king’s palace.

5. Add A Big Comfortable Carpet In The Middle Of The Room

A carpet in the middle of the room that will tie all the furniture and surroundings is essential. It has to be a big, comfortable one that will not draw attention to itself but complement the furniture and the drapes. Pick one that will cover most of the room and make sure it’s comfy.

6. Switch From Ordinary To Oversized Windows

Classy Home Design: Turn Your Living Room Into A Royal Palace

If you’ve ever been to a castle or a royal home, you’ve probably noticed the oversized big, often Victorian windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor. The ceilings are also very high, so windows dominate the scene.

That’s exactly what you’re aiming for. If you have ordinary small windows, you should tear down some walls and install giant ones. Add the perfect drapes to go with it, and make sure they match the carpet. This is an essential part of the royal feeling.

7. Add Accessories On The Shelves

Small gold boxes, candles, and items you brought from the parts where the royal kingdom used to rule are something that will enrich the place. Of course, this is just a story, but interesting rich-looking items on the shelves can significantly improve your rooms.

8. Decorate With A Lot Of Plants

Classy Home Design: Turn Your Living Room Into A Royal Palace

Plants, trees, flowers, and many greens are excellent add-ons to royal homes. They can make the place look classy and make the people living inside feel comfortable. Plants are also trending lately, so you’ll make a wonderful combination.

Place as many as possible. You can put some near the windows, and others in another corner of the room. Aim to create a room that looks like it’s part of nature. It will look classy and comfortable, which we’re aiming for here.

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