Common Issues With Apps On iOS And How To Fix Them

The current list of iOS15 problems includes UI latency, freezes, locks, and occasional reboots. They are very common, especially on aging iPhone models. However, newer phones, such as the iPhone 13 series, are not immune to performance issues. To tell the truth, some problems are very hard to overcome, but there is common advice useful for everybody.


Common Issues With Apps On iOS And How To Fix Them

It sounds obvious, but it’s still one of the most efficient ways to fix a lot of lags. When you find an app not opening on your iPhone, all the solutions are appropriate. Moreover, if you started noticing a UI delay or other performance issues after installing iOS15 (or the latest update), try restarting it. Turn your smartphone off, leave it on for a minute and turn it on again. In such a way, you give a system an opportunity to refresh and show better results.


When you have an application that crashes on startup and isn’t fixed, one of the effective ways to fix such a problem is to check for updates. If you don’t find any of them, you may have to use beta versions of software updates from other developers. If this approach doesn’t work either, you can try contacting the developer directly and explain why the app keeps crashing on iOS.

Common Issues With Apps On iOS And How To Fix Them

In general, not so many users complain about this issue. People don’t find a lot of iPhone apps not working, sometimes, their phones aren’t in a good condition basically. Apple releases different updates for your iPhone from time to time. Exact of them are usually focused on bug fixing, while the others usually provide a mix of new features and improvements.

Reset All Settings

If you’re still not getting the desired performance on your iPhone, try resetting the settings. You should follow the next steps:

1.        Go to Settings.

2.        Open the General section.

3.        Search here for Transfer or Reset.

4.        Choose Reset and click All Settings.

It will reset your iPhone’s settings to default. So, make sure you have Wi-Fi passwords handy. You will need to re-enter it. This way of solving your issues is quite dramatic. We don’t recommend using it if you just get your app not loading on your iPhone. Such a small problem can be fixed easier.

Common Issues With Apps On iOS And How To Fix Them

Other Problems and Solutions

Users also complain about the fact that they can’t connect to app store. It’s a common issue with a lot of ways of being solved. In general, we can point out more widespread problems below:

·   excessive battery consumption;

·   dimming while unlocking;

·   impossibility to unlock Face ID using Apple Watch;

·   problems with coverage.

The bugs mentioned above are still acute. Some of them can be fixed with the help of professionals only. Sometimes, it’s better to call the service and explain your situation. Of course, it costs money but can save precious time and effort. Many people are afraid of calling because they don’t know how to say exactly what happens.

In many cases, it doesn’t matter as without proper examination, it’s impossible to analyze the nature of bugs. If general advice isn’t useful, it’s time to take more drastic measures.