Converting Emails to Text Messages

While sending text messages is fun, easy, and very informal, emails have a way of making someone tense by neither sounding formal enough nor informal. Not to mention how SMS are common among almost everyone because they save time and effort while communicating. Since everything has its ups and downs, one of the disadvantages of text messages is that when the phone battery dies, its usefulness goes with it as well until powered up.

However, just how exactly does one convert emails into text messages? With the help of version 2 of Outlook Import Wizard, you’ll be able to convert every email file to a message file without the utility changing the email’s originality. Besides, you can also convert EML files to message format using Keep reading to find out how this works.

Steps to Follow

  1. Activate the Outlook Import Wizard program.
  2. Browse for the email files with the name of the saved folder and click next.
  3. Select the items you wish converted after the program scans selected folder items, then click the next button.
  4. Depending on your preference, configure some options and filters.
  5. Click the convert EML and MSG files option to start conversion and select OK. Disable this option if you want imported emails.
  6. Select the file format for converting the email and press the start button. The email will then automatically convert to an SMS file.
Converting Emails to Text Messages

Benefits of Converting Emails to Text Messages

Prompt communication saves business financial and relationship problems with clients and employees daily. For this reason, sending emails as SMS in this day and age helps avoid unnecessary business losses and heartaches.

●       Improves customer experience

We believe people communicate through emails more respectfully and a bit reserved. People tend to read SMS as soon as they see the notification, unlike emails that could take even weeks. Sending converted emails as texts helps improve customer experience since they get to read the information earlier than they would emails. This creates better engagements with others. Well of course, unless the SMS is not too long.

●       Saves time 

SMS saves lots of time that you would spend on writing and reading emails. You can easily send something short and informational to staff in the company and receive prompt feedback from them in mere minutes or seconds.

●       Saves costs

Have you heard of businesses that lost good deals because of a lack of prompt communication? Unless it’s work-related, like your boss’s kind of work-related; you are unlikely to check your mailbox in time for important information. Unless told to check your email, that is it. Therefore, SMS is the safer option for businesses. The good thing is that anyone within your organization can access SMS and increase speedy assignments to follow through. How good is that?

Converting Emails to Text Messages