Custom THC Blends: The Synergistic Innovator Shaping Health, Happiness, and Healing

THC-based hemp and cannabis blends are custom-formulated products combining cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanicals for maximum synergy. Manufacturers tailor these products to achieve whole-plant benefits, specific psychoactive effects, and particular wellness outcomes.

QWIN’S Custom blends collection includes vapes combining Delta-9 THC, Delta-8, HHC, CBN, botanical terpenes, and more to provide consumers with a well-balanced experience.

This article explores THC-based custom blends, the compounds they include, and their synergistic effects. It also reveals QWIN’s custom blend collection of vapes.

Custom THC Blends: The Synergistic Innovator Shaping Health, Happiness, and Healing

What Are Custom Blends? 

Custom blends are hemp and cannabis formulas that combine cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, alternative cannabinoids, like Delta-8 and HHC, and botanical terpenes, like myrcene and limonene, to create a full-spectrum plant experience. Most blends feature THC as their primary psychoactive component.

Custom blends allow for a more nuanced, effective, and personalized approach, whether for therapeutic or recreational purposes. 

  • Cannabinoid Combinations: Custom blends mix plant-based and alternative cannabinoids in specific ratios to elicit effects ranging from energizing and euphoric to sedative and soothing. 
  • Terpene Infusions: Formulas also include terpenes, the compounds responsible for the aroma and flavour. These essential oil-like chemicals also contribute to the blend’s therapeutic effects. Terpenes can be hemp-derived, lab-synthesized, or extracted from botanical sources like lemons and lavender. 
  • Personalization: Manufacturers choose specific terpene-cannabinoid rations to suit diverse therapeutic needs, like pain, anxiety, or sleep support.

Custom Blends Benefits

  • Enhanced Therapeutic Effects: By combining different cannabinoids and terpenes, custom blends can offer enhanced therapeutic benefits over single-compound formulas. This is often due to the entourage effect, where the combined action of these compounds is more effective than any single compound alone.
  • Reduced Side Effects: Customization allows for the minimization of unwanted side effects. For instance, a blend with a higher CBD-to-THC ratio might reduce anxiety or paranoia that can be associated with high THC consumption.
  • Control Over Dosage and Potency: Cannabis fans enjoy better control over dosage and potency when consuming blends over flower because these products contain deliberate cannabinoid concentrations that manufacturers display on the labels. 

Ingredients in Custom Blends

Custom THC Blends: The Synergistic Innovator Shaping Health, Happiness, and Healing

Custom blends contain a wide range of ingredients.


Hemp and cannabis blends typically contain cannabinoids, which are responsible for the primary psychoactive and therapeutic effects. 

Cannabinoids exert their effects by interacting with specific receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, primarily CB1 and CB2 receptors. These chemical binding sites appear throughout the body and regulate various functions, including mood, pain, appetite, and memory.

  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Manufacturers often include THC for its psychoactive, pain-relieving, anti-nausea, and appetite-stimulating properties.
  • CBD (Cannabidiol): Popular for its non-psychoactive, therapeutic effects, CBD helps with anxiety relief, anti-inflammation, and pain management.
  • CBG (Cannabigerol): A lesser-known cannabinoid, CBG may have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and neuroprotective effects.
  • CBN (Cannabinol): Many people report that CBN has sedative effects, making it a potential aid for sleep disorders.
  • CBC (Cannabichromene): Pre-clinical research indicates CBC may contribute to pain relief and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Most hemp and cannabis blends also include terpenes to influence the scent and flavour profile while delivering synergistic therapeutic effects:

  • Myrcene: Scientists believe myrcene has soothing and relaxing effects.
  • Limonene: People know limonene for its mood-elevating properties and potential stress relief.
  • Pinene: Pinine is an energizing terpene that may have anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator effects.
  • Linalool: People often associate linalool, prominent in lavender,  with calming and anti-anxiety effects.

Custom Blends and the Entourage Effect

Custom hemp and cannabis blends are beneficial because they combine diverse plant compounds like THC and myrcene to create what is known as the “Entourage Effect.” The ‘entourage effect’ describes the phenomenon where cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals synergize to produce a combined outcome greater than the sum of their individual powers. 

QWIN’s Custom Blends Collection

Custom THC Blends: The Synergistic Innovator Shaping Health, Happiness, and Healing

QWIN’s Custom Blends collection capitalizes on the Entourage Effect using specially formulated vape pens.

QWIN’s Super Blends

QWIN’s carefully crafted PUFFY Super Blends use legal hemp-derived compounds to mimic live resin formulas or concentrated cannabis extracts. Psychoactive and therapeutic ingredients include Delta-9-THC, Delta-8, THC-A, HHC, CBN, CBG, and terpenes.

PUFFY Super Blends also provide a considerable dose of cannabinoids with 2-gram disposable pens, lasting twice as long as the original 

Fans love Super Blends’ flavours and effects, mimicking their favourite cannabis strains: 

  • Girls: QWIN invites fans to enjoy the sugary sweet cookie flavour and stay for the euphoric body-melting experience.
  • Dewy RNTZ: A burst of berry and watermelon flavor. Dewy RNTZ is a buzzy, euphoric experience. 

PUFFY Super Blend compounds include: 

  • Botanical terpenes
  • Cannabis-derived terpenes
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • Delta-8
  • Delta-9-THC
  • HHC
  • THC-A

Consumers rave about how these pens help them experience ‘chill time,’ which one fan describes as ‘when nothing else is on the mind except relaxation.’ 

QWIN’s Astro Blends

Like the Super Blends, QWIN’s Astro Blends include a broad mix of compounds that rival a sophisticated and potent live resin experience. However, these formulas do not include CBD, CBN, or CBC. Instead, they feature potent psychoactive compounds, like HHC-O, THC-A, and Delta-9-O-P, with cannabis-derived terpenes, 

Astro Blends also come in 2g sizes for extended usage. Strains include: 

  • God Mode: (Hybrid) A reality-expanding hybrid that fans can’t stop reaching for. The pineapple, orange, and guava flavours offer a fruity escape anytime.

Ingredients: THC-A, HHC-O, THC-H (derived from Cannabis sativa L <0.3% Delta-9 THC), CBG, CBN, cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes.

  • 1-999-POWERUP: (Sativa) This flavour quickly ramps up to give creative energy. The yummy blend of sweet strawberry and tart lemonade is a fan favourite.

Ingredients: THC-A, HHC-O, Delta-9-O-P (derived from Cannabis sativa L <0.3% Delta-9 THC), CBG, CBN, cannabis-derived terpenes, and botanical terpenes.

Consumers say these pens do precisely what they promise and are happy to find a product that works as expected.

Fans are pleasantly surprised that QWIN’s Custom Blends don’t induce the common vape-induced cough. They rave about how smooth the hit is.

The Bottom Line

Custom blends offer several advantages over single-strain vaping pens, catering to diverse consumer preferences and needs. People seeking specific therapeutic benefits or recreational experiences often find custom blends more effective than single strains.

Combining multiple cannabinoids and terpenes in these custom blends may lead to the entourage effect, providing a more comprehensive and effective experience. QWIN’s Custom Blends collection presents the appropriate device for any preference.

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