David Harber & Annoushka Ducas Unveil Armillary Charm

In a remarkable fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, two prominent British talents, sculptor David Harber and fine jeweller Annoushka Ducas MBE, recently unveiled their latest creation – an exclusive charm named Armillary.

This exquisite piece pays homage to David Harber’s very first artwork, the Armillary Sphere, and underscores the remarkable synergy between these two UK design icons. With a shared passion for materials and metalwork, this collaboration celebrates the essence of British luxury.

David Harber & Annoushka Ducas Unveil Armillary Charm

The Birth of Armillary

David and Annoushka’s creative journey began with the introduction of their inaugural joint venture, the Sycamore – a limited-edition garden sculpture inspired by Annoushka’s yellow gold and diamond Sycamore charm. In return, the dynamic duo has now conceptualized Armillary, a charm that commemorates one of David’s sculptures – the Armillary Sphere. Annoushka’s ingenious design beautifully replicates the functionality and allure of a sundial, paying homage to the art of timekeeping.

Notably, Armillary represents a groundbreaking moment for David Harber as he ventures into the realm of miniatures, introducing his first piece of jewellery to grace his distinguished portfolio. While the scale may differ from his larger-than-life sculptures, the charm maintains the quintessential David Harber characteristics – unwavering attention to detail, employment of the finest materials, and an unyielding commitment to exceptional quality.

Captivating Details

The pendant’s splendour unfolds with diamonds and sapphires elegantly depicting the hours, while a spinning dial allows radiant light to dance through the central quartz. At its core, this masterpiece encapsulates the essence of time within an 18ct solid yellow gold sphere, evoking a sense of timeless romance and sophistication.

David Harber reflects on this inspiring collaboration: “Working with the Annoushka team this year on two individually unique pieces has been nothing but rewarding. Stepping out of my comfort zone and working on something on such a minute scale has opened my eyes to the intricacies of metalwork that I’m not typically familiar with. It’s been a fascinating learning process, and we’re hugely excited about this partnership and the fact we can now offer something totally new and unique to our customers. The Armillary Sphere holds a very special place in my heart – and hopefully will now do for many of Annoushka’s fans, too.”

David Harber & Annoushka Ducas Unveil Armillary Charm

Annoushka Ducas adds her perspective: “There is nothing more satisfying than emulating a life-size sculpture into a tiny, intricate charm. I am fanatical about the smallest of details and often design my charms with spinning parts and opening lockets to create a replica that is both functional and beautiful to the wearer. I was thrilled to work with David again and to realise one of his successful designs in the form of a solid gold and diamond charm.”

The much-anticipated David Harber x Annoushka Armillary Charm is now available for discerning buyers, priced at £6,900.

In the world of artistic collaboration, David Harber and Annoushka Ducas have sculpted a timeless masterpiece that seamlessly fuses sculpture and jewellery, creating an Armillary charm that is a testament to British luxury and innovation. Their ability to breathe life into David’s sculpture in the form of a solid gold and diamond charm is a remarkable testament to their artistry and commitment to the finest craftsmanship. As the Armillary charm graces the wrists of those fortunate enough to acquire it, it becomes not just a piece of jewellery but a work of art, transcending time and trend.

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