In an ultra-modern world where it seems uncertainty and chaos fill our daily lives there is an instinctive urge to yearn for a better time. When we yearn for a time that seemed more refined and (dare we say it) wholesome. When gentlemen were gentlemen and chivalry was a goal it always translates through fashion. For those gents who strive to recapture the magic of the old Hollywood’s leading-man look, The DE FURSAC Spring Summer 2019 Menswear Collection is just what the doctor ordered.

As if from the wardrobe of Clark Gable or Cary Grant, the collection sees a sophisticated revival of the ultra-prep trend. Double-breasted suits, mid-century silhouettes, mismatched trousers, knitted golf shirts and sports-coats, the DE FURSAC Spring Summer 2019 Menswear Collection is the perfect collection for the ultra-gentleman type. Bring back the suave!


Isabella Alexander

Fashion Editor

Having been in the Fashion Industry for over 25 years, Isabella Alexander currently serves as the Fashion Editor at Salon Prive Magazine. She and her team will bring you the latest news, campaigns, releases and shows from around the world.

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