Simple Ideas For Decorating A Dining Area In The Country

For some, the best way to relax in the country is to sit with a cup of coffee, admiring the surrounding beauties. Some people prefer bistro sets. For some, this is not enough – they need a large dining area where the whole family will gather daily.

There are many options for creating a dining area in the country with garden tables and chairs. We want to give you some tips on how best to arrange such a place in the garden and what to look for when creating it, as well as show you good options.

We tell you how to easily create a comfortable and stylish dining area in a suburban area.


Simple Ideas For Decorating A Dining Area In The Country

1. Folding Table And Chairs

An idea for those who do not spend much time in the country and do not plan to equip a seasonal dining area. A small folding table and a few chairs are easy to move from the cabin or closet to the porch and yard and are just as easy to assemble and store. What’s more, it’s also budget-friendly.

2. Set Of Wicker Furniture

The option is much less budgetary but very beautiful and atmospheric. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at the cottage with wicker furniture will turn into rituals and real relaxation. Such furniture rarely folds, so you need to equip a full-fledged dining area under a canopy. This option is more suitable for those who go to live in the country in the warm season.

3. Table With Different Seating Positions

The combination of different chairs and benches gives a special flavor to dinners in the country. It is quite possible to organize such a dining area without spending the family budget: take an inventory in your home, with relatives or friends – there will surely be unnecessary chairs and an old but still usable table. A few pillows and a stylish linen tablecloth will add coziness.

4. Similarity To A Modern Patio

Do you think that organizing a stylish patio on a regular site is unrealistic? Not at all. A few low chairs (look in the collections of a famous Swedish brand), the same low table – and you’re done. You can already plan your vacation and imagine how comfortable it will be to lie down in such a place with a glass of soft drink.

5. Handmade Furniture From Construction Pallets

Often furniture from building pallets can be seen in the interiors of city apartments. But if there it is appropriate only in certain styles, then in the country it is exactly the right place. In addition, such a sofa or table is not difficult to make with your own hands.

6. Hammock And Small Table

For a small family, this area is quite appropriate. Suitable for a young married couple who can afford to misbehave a little and eat not decorously at the table, but lying down or sitting in a soft hammock.

7. Wicker Pouf Instead Of A Table And Different Chairs

Such an impromptu dining area is easily arranged: any suitable pouf with a tray found chairs with soft pillows and a good mood as the main attribute.

Simple Ideas For Decorating A Dining Area In The Country


1. Umbrella

Breakfasts and lunches cannot be comfortable under the scorching sun or summer rain. The easiest and most budgetary idea to protect the dining area is a garden umbrella. It can always be folded down if needed.

2. Dishes

When preparing for the summer season, collect at home those dishes that can no longer be put on the dining table in a city apartment. These can be the remaining intact plates and cups from the sets (when the rest are already broken or lost), dishes that you inherited from your parents and grandmothers, but are still intact and in good condition.

In the country, you should not refuse assorted plates and glasses in the table setting, they give a special flavor.

3. Picnic Basket

In order to make dinners in the countryside even more cozy and convenient at the same time, take care of a simple picnic basket. It is easy to put all the food and water in it to take it to the table.

4. Trolley

A trolley can also cope with the same task – provided that there are even paths in the summer cottage. One person can move ready-made food from the barbecue or summer kitchen to the table if all the plates and trays are put into such a cart.

5. Textile

Simple Ideas For Decorating A Dining Area In The Country

It is with its help that you can create coziness in the dining area. Give up plastic tablecloths – you can always take fabric tablecloths to the city and wash them in a washing machine. Allow yourself frivolous prints that are difficult to fit into a city apartment: floral patterns or bright colors.

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