Details To Add To Your Car To Make It Feel More Luxurious

Car manufacturers can be pretty conservative when it comes to luxurious touches. They’re looking to appeal to the widest possible cross-section of motorists at the most appealing price point, and as such, they’ll often sacrifice certain features for the sake of functionality.

But since all motorists are different, and have different tastes, there’s always a case to be made for making small tweaks to your vehicle for the sake of luxury. You might look into buying a used car, and then spending the money you save on a few key aesthetic upgrades.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular changes and see which might make the best match for your car.

Personalised Number Plate

Details To Add To Your Car To Make It Feel More Luxurious

A custom number-plate is a great way of making your car distinct from those around it. It’ll tell everyone who the car belongs to, and make it look that little bit more valuable, too. It’s a way of showing off the fact that you can afford to pay for it – but you’ll be able to sell the registration number if you decide that you don’t need it anymore.

You might pick a variation on your own name, along with a few significant numbers. Bear in mind that the more popular (and succinct) the desired registration, the more money you’ll need to pay for it.

Interior Lighting

Going for a little extra lighting to your interior will add a reliable touch of opulence. Colour-changing LEDs tend to work nicely, and you don’t have to use too many of them to create the desired effect. Look for warm lighting around certain key features, and to doors. You want to be able to see certain details, like handles and ashtrays and cup-holders – so focus your lighting accordingly.

Upgrading Tyres And Trims

Details To Add To Your Car To Make It Feel More Luxurious

Your wheel and tyres might seem like more of a functional upgrade than a glamorous one – but having larger rims can often have a significant aesthetic impact, too. Put simply, modern tyres and trims will tend to look marvellous, as well as perform better.

Car Floor Mats and Liners

Floor mats are one of the first things that you’ll notice in a new car. The custom-fitted floor mats and liners add a luxurious feel to your car. The mats also help to protect the interior of your car from spills, dirt, and other debris. They come in various colours, patterns, and textures that make your car unique.

Custom Paint

Most cars being sold today play it safe when it comes to colouring. The majority are a shade of blue or red, with executive vehicles tending toward the monochrome. If you want to add a splash of personality to your vehicle, then you might opt for something a little bolder and louder. Luminous shades of green and yellow tend to make a great match for performance cars, and they’re easier to spot in a crowded carpark, too.

Details To Add To Your Car To Make It Feel More Luxurious

On the other hand, you might opt for a more exotic kind of finish. Matt and pearlescent colour schemes tend to work well if you want to stand apart.