Diamond Watches For Women: Buying Guide

A modern woman knows well the value of time and understands that she deserves the best for her hard work and efforts. That’s why a modern lady is well aware that reputation is the half of success, the second half is quality. The ability to manage her time right and make it with style is one of the most important qualities of a successful woman in the XXI century.

The best friend and assistant for a woman nowadays will surely become a stylish diamond watch. The indicator of status and sophisticated taste, a fine diamond watch combines the attribute of wealth and significance with the beauty of high-end jewelry.

Diamond Watches For Women: Buying Guide

The inventor of the first wristwatch may be disputable, but we should be thankful from the bottom of our hearts for such an undoubtedly useful creation. Today the wristwatch became not only a functional timepiece but a work of jewelry and horology art. 

Every woman wants her watch to be exclusive and unique, that’s why we’ve decided to put up a guide on the aspects you should consider while choosing the diamond watch for women.

1. Start With The Budget

Decide how much you’re ready to spend on a diamond watch. There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of the timepiece, so a clearly defined budget allows one to get an understanding of brands, materials, and designs available for the price.

For example, the average womens diamond Rolex costs around $7,500 considering the fact that you may be confident about the quality of the materials used, the accuracy of the mechanism, and the reputation of the brand.

Diamond Watches For Women: Buying Guide

2. Decide Upon The Metal You Want To Be Used In The Watch

The most common material for the diamond wristwatches is stainless steel. It provides the timepiece with great durability. Pay attention that the description of the product states that the material used for it is “all stainless steel” and not “stainless steel back”, which results in reducing the quality of the watch. Though the metal looks great as it is, sometimes it can be plated with yellow or rose gold or PVD coated with other colors.

At first, the watch may look just like real gold, but the color may wear off with time. If you want the gold luster in your watch, better opt for the real gold. 18k gold is usually used for watches with diamonds. Platinum is also a frequent choice in luxury timepieces.

Diamond Watches For Women: Buying Guide

3. We Finally Got To The Best Part – The Diamonds

There are several moments about diamonds you need to consider while looking for the perfect women’s diamond watch. First, decide what is more important for you, the size of the stones or their quantity. There are two concepts here that may get you confused: total carat weight (TCW) and individual carat weight. Total carat weight is the total weight of all the diamonds in the jewelry, while individual carat weight shows how heavy is a single stone.

To put it simply, total carat weight is the sum of the individual carat weight of all the diamonds in your jewelry or watch. For example, TCW may be the same in different watches while the quantity of the stones may differ. It means that in one watch the stones may be larger but fewer while in another item there are more diamonds, but their size is smaller. This, as expected, affects the price.

The next thing you need to think of is where on the watch you prefer your diamonds to shine. Is it just the bezel you want to be decorated, the face, or the accessory should fully be iced-out with diamonds?

To finish the visualization of your ideal watch, you are free to select the color of the diamonds. The amount of luxury watches using natural colored diamonds is, of course, less than of those using colorless stones. But if you’re looking for an exclusive wristwatch, you need to consider the examples with fancy colors of yellow, chocolate, black, pink, or blue diamonds. The stunning effect is guaranteed.

Diamond Watches For Women: Buying Guide

4. Understand All The Details, Pros, And Cons Of The Movement In The Watch

It’s rather hard to understand all the details, pros, and cons of the movement in the watch, but we’ll try because it is the heart (some say, the brain) of the timepiece. 

There are two types of movements that are popular in luxury watches – battery-powered quartz and mechanical automatic (self-winding) movements or manual wind movement. There are two main competitors in the production of watch movements – Switzerland and Japan.

Omitting all the minor details, we may say that the quality of their movements is equally good. You should look at the dial or the back (sometimes both) of the watch for information about the origin of the movement. The watches with Swiss movement should state “Swiss made” or “Swiss movement”.

The term is protected by law and means that it should meet strict standards of quality: the movement should be assembled in Switzerland with the full quality control of the manufacturer, at least 60% of the movement’s production must be generated in Switzerland and the watch’s movement components’ value should be at least 50% of the entire value.

As you can see, they’re taking their quality seriously. The mark you’d really better avoid while choosing the luxury watch is “Chinese movement” as the quality is not one of the best, and it may be a good indicator of the possible counterfeit.

5. The Design Of The Dial Is One Of The First Things That Catches The Eye Of The Wristwatch

The best advice in picking the face of your watch is to follow your imagination. The variety of colors is immense and everyone may find the one they like. You may opt for Arabic or Roman numerals on the dial, other marks in the forms of dots, lines, or stones, or go without them at all if you can handle it – anything your heart desires.

Diamond Watches For Women: Buying Guide

6. There Are A Lot Of Strap Types To Select From

The most common diamond watches straps are leather and metal. Leather is soft and comfortable, durable and chic. But for some people, the idea of wearing the animal product is not appropriate. To preserve the aesthetic of leather with no harm to animals there exist such options as faux leather and cruelty-free leather.

Faux leather straps are commonly made of polyvinyl chloride, while cruelty-free leather is a plant-based material bonding with a polymer. Both possess the look and feel of genuine leather except for the fact that they are not.

As to metal, stainless steel is the best option. Its durable, practical and does not corrode. The use of precious metals is possible, but commonly solid gold is not practical enough to use as a sole material for a strap, as it is too expensive and too soft. It’s better to combine gold with stainless steel for the best look, price, and durability.

Other popular strap materials are titanium, rubber, canvas, ceramic, and even wood. But those straps are not the best options in our situation, as diamonds won’t fit well with those materials, though no one forbids us to try.

7. The Last But Very Important Thing You Need To Check When Purchasing A Diamond Watch Is The Papers

Don’t hesitate to ask about certificates of authenticity, original box, manual, and warranty. The questions about serial number, year of production, and terms of service for your watch are also essential and should be asked. Read or ask the assistant about the return policy of the store. If all the information is given openly and willingly, the timepiece has all the documents required, then you may finally buy the watch you chose and wear it with joy. 

With the iconic diamond watch, you’ll be able to tell the exact time, while it will tell the world about your exquisite taste and style.

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