&Dine: The Online Marketplace for Food Lovers & Makers

&Dine is a pioneering online food marketplace that connects food enthusiasts with a rich variety of international cuisines.

Launched in 2021, this innovative platform connects talented independent “Makers” and food businesses with customers eager to experience authentic, homemade dishes from around the world.

Experience a Global Gastronomic Journey with &Dine

&Dine has transformed the food landscape by offering over 16 global cuisines to consumers throughout London.

&Dine: The Online Marketplace for Food Lovers & Makers

The platform has experienced phenomenal growth, with sales increasing by 35% monthly.

Hailed as the “Etsy of the food world,” &Dine allows users to order authentic, fresh, and handmade food that is delivered to their homes within 24 hours.

Unleash Your Inner Foodpreneur with &Dine

&Dine not only brings unique, delectable dishes to your table but also inspires aspiring food entrepreneurs, known as “Makers,” to launch their own food businesses from their homes.

This has created a thriving network and community of food lovers on the platform.

Effortless Dining with &Dine’s Simple Online Ordering Platform

With its user-friendly online ordering platform, &Dine delivers chilled dishes in signature insulated cooler bags, allowing customers to savour authentic, handmade meals without the hassle of cooking.

Founded by Charles Brafman and Max Bennett, &Dine aims to bring food back to the heart of the community by continually adding new Makers and cuisines to its platform.

Support Local Makers and Discover New Flavors with &Dine

Ordering from &Dine not only helps you discover new flavours but also supports local Makers’ businesses.

Enjoy your favourite dishes from a range of top-selling categories, including Brazilian, Gluten-Free, Filipino, Vegan, and Thai.

Success Stories: Good F’ing Pizza and &Dine’s Impact on Independent Food Businesses

Good F’ing Pizza, a famous gluten-free pizza brand, was founded by Maker Dijon in South East London and joined the &Dine platform in 2021.

&Dine: The Online Marketplace for Food Lovers & Makers

Struggling to find quality gluten-free pizza, Dijon took matters into his own hands and created one of London‘s most sought-after gluten-free pizza brands, earning up to £1,000 a week through the platform.

A Flourishing Foodie Community: &Dine Co-Founder Charles Brafman’s Vision

“We are ecstatic to see the growth in Makers and customers on the platform over the past year. It is great to see the community we are building at &Dine. In the current cost of living crisis, it is good to offer people an additional avenue to make a further income while doing something they love. Bringing people together through food is our ethos, and it is great to see more and more cuisines and Makers added to the platform on a monthly basis.”

Charles Brafman, Co-Founder of &Dine, expresses his excitement over the platform’s growth

&Dine offers an alternative dining experience that connects food lovers with unique, authentic dishes while supporting local entrepreneurs.