Djaba Diassamidze Fall Winter 2019 – Tbilisi Fashion Week

During Tbilisi Fashion Week the Djaba Diassamidze Fall Winter 2019 collection reminded us of a more elegant time.

If we look back at the history of the world, you can always note that the most elegant, refined and decadent periods were found when the greatest amount of strife was all around. It seems that the harder the times, the more indulgent we became. This form of ‘coping’, or escapism has impacted every part of society.

We have seen it in the decadence of architecture, interior design, the amount of socialising we do and of course the main ‘outlet’, fashion. The more the poor cried of hunger in France, the higher and more elaborate the wigs became. The more war, famine and sorrow ravaged the world during the ’30s, the more glamorous the starlets were dressed on screen.

Our modern world, currently, seems to be an endless ticker-tape of bad news. From natural disasters to what can only be described as unstable world-leaders, it can all seem a bit much at times. Add to that the pace and pressure that technology brings, its only natural to want to escape to another world. A world of elegance, refinement and calm. During Tbilisi Fashion Week’s Fall Winter 2019 collections we found such an oasis.

The Djaba Diassamidze Fall Winter 2019 collection is an elegant and refined line that harks back to the turn of the century. The collection sees an endless throng of elegant gowns, luxurious silhouettes and indulgent materials that speak to understated style. The show itself reminded us of what the Haute Couture shows in Paris’ salons were like once. A refined parade of gowns and suits in an intimate setting.

To underline this even further, the models held the look number on a printed card. This was after all how the well-heeled once shopped. Ladies would take notes of the ‘numbers’ they liked and would then ask to see “a number 8”, for example, after the show in order to establish if they would like to purchase the piece.

The Djaba Diassamidze Fall Winter 2019 collection is a romantic throwback to an age past. It blends conservative femininity and Parisian style to create a refined look that reminds us of what a femme fatale actually looks like.

Isabella Alexander

Fashion Editor

Having been in the Fashion Industry for over 25 years, Isabella Alexander currently serves as the Fashion Editor at Salon Prive Magazine. She and her team will bring you the latest news, campaigns, releases and shows from around the world.

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