Sotheby’s Confirms: Drake Becomes Owner of Tupac Shakur’s Iconic Ring

The music world was astounded as Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum artist Drake, was recently revealed as the proud owner of the iconic gold, ruby, and diamond crown ring, originally designed and commissioned by none other than the legendary Tupac Shakur himself.

The revelation was made through Drake’s official Instagram (@champagnepapi), and prestigious auction house Sotheby’s has now officially verified the authenticity of the acquisition.

Tupac’s Crown Ring: A Symbol of Hip-Hop History and Artistic Expression

Tupac’s self-designed crown ring carries immense historical significance, as it adorned the late artist during his final public appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 1996. The ring was recently up for auction at Sotheby’s, with Yaasmyn Fula, Tupac’s godmother, and devoted supporter, offering it for sale. Fula, who played a crucial role in Tupac’s life, served as his advisor and trusted confidante.

The band of the ring bears a heartfelt inscription, “Pac & Dada 1996,” commemorating Tupac’s engagement to Kidada Jones, his beloved sweetheart.

Sotheby's Confirms: Drake Becomes Owner of Tupac Shakur's Iconic Ring

The custom-designed crown ring fetched a staggering $1.01 million at the auction, surpassing its estimated value of $300,000 by threefold. This remarkable feat establishes it as the most valuable Hip Hop artifact ever sold at auction, solidifying Tupac’s legacy as an unparalleled icon in the world of music. It is also the sole Hip Hop artifact to have achieved a million-dollar sale.

Tupac Shakur’s Personal Touch: Designing the Crown Ring

In December 1995, Tupac’s vision for his career took a new turn, and he sought the assistance of Yaasmyn Fula, who played multiple roles in his life. Tupac had recently signed a significant deal with Death Row Records and was eager to elevate his artistic presence. During the first half of 1996, he dedicated himself to expanding his artistic empire, launching the media group and community organization Euphanasia, where Fula held a prominent position.

To celebrate this transformative phase in his life and career, Tupac decided to create a unique piece of jewelry—a crown ring that would symbolize his reign as a Hip Hop king. He drew inspiration from Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” a political manifesto that resonated deeply with him during his time in incarceration, leading him to adopt the moniker “Makaveli.”

Working closely with jewelers in New York, Tupac meticulously designed the crown ring with Fula’s support, channeling the elegance of medieval European kings in a symbolic “self-coronation.” The artist’s name, “Tupac Amaru,” honored the Peruvian indigenous revolutionary leader, and his mother Afeni instilled in him a powerful sense of pride and responsibility towards his community.

Symbolism of the Crown Ring: Love and Royalty

The ring’s inner band bears the inscription “Pac & Dada 1996,” a loving reference to Tupac’s engagement to Kidada Jones. Worn on his left hand ring finger, it adorned the artist during his final public appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 4, 1996.

Sotheby's Confirms: Drake Becomes Owner of Tupac Shakur's Iconic Ring

At the crown’s heart rests a magnificent cabochon ruby, flanked by two pavé-cut diamonds, all set in a diamond-encrusted gold band. Tupac’s choice of the ruby, a gem associated with royalty and wealth, further reinforces the regal narrative embodied by the ring.

Preserving Tupac’s Legacy: A Timeless Symbol of Hip Hop

Drake’s acquisition of Tupac’s crown ring symbolizes the passing of the torch from one musical icon to another, bridging the gap between generations and preserving the rich legacy of Hip Hop culture. As the crown ring continues to captivate the world with its history and artistic significance, it serves as a timeless reminder of the profound impact that Tupac Shakur had on the music industry and the enduring influence he leaves behind.

In conclusion, Tupac Shakur’s self-designed gold, ruby, and diamond crown ring stands as an irreplaceable piece of Hip Hop history—a testament to artistic expression, love, and the unyielding spirit of a true musical legend.

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