How To Decide If Engagement Ring Shopping Together Is Right For You

An engagement ring is not just a stunning piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of a couple’s love and commitment, one that will be worn daily. That’s why making the right choice is essential, which brings us to a conundrum that is surfacing more and more often. Should you shop for an engagement ring as a couple?

It’s a legitimate question and one that doesn’t have an immediately clear answer. There’s no wrong way to shop for a ring, but there might be a wrong way for you, so it’s important to consider the question carefully.

Shopping together for an engagement ring is becoming increasingly common. But that doesn’t mean it is or isn’t the right choice for you. We’ve outlined what you should consider before visiting the best jewellery stores in Toronto solo or together so you can make the best decision for your relationship.

How To Decide If Engagement Ring Shopping Together Is Right For You


Getting to try on different rings can be fun and informative for the person or persons who will be wearing the engagement ring. Seeing pictures of various rings online can give you a good idea of your taste and preferences, but there’s nothing like seeing what those rings look like on your finger. 

If you don’t have a firm idea of what you’re looking for, ring shopping is a wonderful opportunity to explore your options, see minor variations between rings up close, and have help from knowledgeable staff. It’s particularly helpful for partners who are unsure of what their partner will want in a ring.

How To Decide If Engagement Ring Shopping Together Is Right For You

Additionally, shopping together is great for those wanting to do a custom engagement ring. A custom ring doesn’t need both partners there, but it’s definitely helpful when making big decisions on design and style.

Shopping together also provides a better understanding of how much the ring costs. A ring should be looked at as a lifelong investment, so it makes sense to discuss how much you want to spend on a ring and decide together what is affordable for you and what you both feel comfortable with.


Shopping together has an obvious downside for those prioritizing surprise during the proposal and at first sight of the ring. For some, ring shopping together may take some of the romance away from the proposal. Some couples find a way around this by keeping some aspects of the proposal a surprise, like how, when, and where it will happen. 


How To Decide If Engagement Ring Shopping Together Is Right For You

Every couple will come to a different decision, but the most important thing is to communicate what you want. If a surprise proposal is what you want, it can be helpful to communicate that to your partner and let your friends and family know what you want so they can consult during the process. If you want to choose the ring together, just let your partner know. 

You can also reach a middle ground and look at rings together, but narrow it down to two or three options. Then your partner can make the final choice, and there will still be a surprise. 

No matter what, go with your gut, and you’ll be sure to love looking at your ring day in and day out.