Discover Sunlife’s Exclusive Golfing Escapes in Mauritius

As the golf season gets underway, golfers and newcomers alike can’t wait to tee off in the stunning surroundings of Mauritius with Sunlife.

Mauritius, famous for its landscapes and beaches, is a golfer’s heaven, offering the ultimate mix of tropical and world-class golfing.

From the moment golfers step onto the courses, surrounded by swaying palm trees and the Indian Ocean, they’re in for a treat of skill and relaxation.

Mauritius: A Golfer’s Utopia

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius charms visitors with its scenic views and varied terrain and is the perfect setting for a golfing break.

Discover Sunlife's Exclusive Golfing Escapes in Mauritius

The island’s landscape is a mix of volcanic mountains, forests and coastlines, a stunning canvas for a golfing adventure. Each course, designed by world-famous architects, offers a different challenge and beauty, golfers will be immersed in the island’s natural beauty.

Sunlife: Redefining Luxury Golfing

At the top of Mauritius’ luxury hotels, Sunlife takes golfing to new levels with its resorts and facilities.

Four properties – Sugar Beach and Long Beach, the luxurious, and La Pirogue and Ambre, the charming – offer guests seamless luxury, comfort and service.

From the moment you arrive, you’re welcomed with Mauritian hospitality and plunged into a world of luxury, where every wish is catered for.

Golfing Packages

For the ultimate golfing break, Sunlife offers the ‘Come Alive Golf Tour’, a 7-night golfing adventure across Mauritius’ top courses.

Discover Sunlife's Exclusive Golfing Escapes in Mauritius

This package gives golfers the chance to play 5 rounds at 4 fantastic venues, Ile aux Cerfs, Anahita, Tamarina and Avalon Golf Clubs. Plus stay at Sugar Beach and Long Beach resorts and enjoy a seamless mix of championship golf and relaxation.

Golfing Heaven

One of the Sunlife benefits is free and unlimited green fees at selected golf courses in Mauritius. This means guests can play golf without limits, each resort has access to top courses like Ile aux Cerfs, Tamarina and Anahita.

Whether you prefer to tee off in the green hills or on the links by the sea, Sunlife makes every round a special one.

Live Mauritius from sunrise to sunset with Sunlife’s ‘Sunrise to Sunset Golf Experience’. Golfers will start their day on the Sunrise Coast at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club and end on the Sunset Coast at Tamarina Golf Club.

As the golden hues of sunrise give way to the vibrant colours of dusk, golfers are afforded the opportunity to savour the island’s natural splendour in all its glory.

Invitation to Golf Professionals

Sunlife is also inviting professional golfers to its Golf Pro Offer, designed for the pros. Enjoy VIP treatment with free accommodation at any Sunlife resort, plus free practice facilities and golf carts at Ile aux Cerfs, Anahita and Tamarina.

Discover Sunlife's Exclusive Golfing Escapes in Mauritius

Whether you’re fine-tuning your skills or seeking inspiration amidst Mauritius’ stunning landscapes, Sunlife promises an unforgettable experience tailored to the discerning golfer.

In conclusion, Sunlife’s exclusive golfing escapes in Mauritius offer a harmonious blend of luxury, adventure, and natural beauty, promising an unforgettable experience for golf enthusiasts of all levels. From championship courses framed by volcanic mountains to seaside links caressed by ocean breezes, Mauritius beckons with its irresistible charm and world-class hospitality. Embrace the allure of the island and elevate your golfing escapade with Sunlife’s exclusive packages and unparalleled amenities.

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