Exclusive Luxury: Visama Mae Chan Tented Camp Welcomes Private Events

In the heart of northern Thailand, the newly unveiled Visama Mae Chan tented camp beckons discerning travellers with its promise of exclusivity.

The opulent five-star retreat, which unfurled its canvas doors in December, stands as an intimate haven amidst the lush landscapes, catering to families, friend groups, and even corporate entities seeking an extraordinary event venue.

A Secluded Oasis for Intimate Gatherings

Christopher Stafford, the co-founder of VHG Hospitality Asia, the visionary force behind this luxury tented camp, envisions it as a sanctuary for bespoke experiences.

Exclusive Luxury: Visama Mae Chan Tented Camp Welcomes Private Events

With a mere 10 meticulously appointed tents sprawled over nearly five hectares, Visama Mae Chan provides an unparalleled setting for small group reunions, special occasions, weddings, and private business meetings.

To elevate the exclusivity, each group reserving the camp enjoys the services of a dedicated occasion manager. Their role is pivotal in ensuring that every event unfolds seamlessly within the secure and private confines of this retreat.

Safari Tents: A Blend of Luxury and Authenticity

Imported from South Africa and adapted for northern Thailand, the safari tents perch on raised platforms amid a teak wood grove, nestled in the rolling hills.

Equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, concierge app-enabled mobile phones, WiFi, rain showers, and more, these tents redefine luxury. Ranging from 48 to 80 sqm, each unit features a spacious veranda, with the largest tents boasting two bedrooms, paying homage to local hill tribes with names like “Akha,” “Yao,” “Lahu,” and “Lisu.”

Exclusive Luxury: Visama Mae Chan Tented Camp Welcomes Private Events

Immersive Activities: From Hill Tribes to Artistic Pursuits

Visama Mae Chan extends beyond its luxurious abode, offering guests a plethora of activities. Trips to visit hill tribes, guided hiking and biking, cooking classes, spa therapy, yoga, Tai Chi, and cultural excursions are just a glimpse of the experiences available. The evenings at the Ambalama lounge area come alive with star-lit fire-side movie screenings and BBQs.

At the heart of the camp’s allure is its exceptional culinary experience. Head chef Suphannat ‘Miu’ Amnuayrit, a culinary maestro, crafts bespoke menu options for each group.

Exclusive Luxury: Visama Mae Chan Tented Camp Welcomes Private Events

From Asian and Western to Thai and northern Thai cuisine, the offerings meet impeccable five-star standards, with a focus on organic and locally sourced ingredients. Signature dishes like Khao Soy and Geng Hanglay tantalize taste buds.

Giving Back: A Touch of Social Responsibility

Visama Mae Chan goes beyond luxury, fostering a partnership with the Friends of Thai Daughters Foundation. Guests can contribute by planting a sapling of a teak or fig tree for a nominal fee, with the proceeds supporting the foundation. Opportunities abound for patrons to further support the foundation’s initiatives during their stay.

Exclusive Luxury: Visama Mae Chan Tented Camp Welcomes Private Events

Situated just a 40-minute drive from Chiang Rai International Airport, Visama Mae Chan is easily accessible for those seeking a quick escape. With flights of 90 minutes from Bangkok or 130 minutes from Phuket, this haven promises a seamless journey to exclusive luxury.

In conclusion, Visama Mae Chan stands as a testament to the union of opulence, exclusivity, and social responsibility, offering an unrivalled escape in the heart of northern Thailand.

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