Experience the Magic of Etxeko Ibiza: A Visual Feast with Culinary Brilliance

Having earned its inaugural Michelin star in November 2022, Etxeko Ibiza at BLESS Hotel Ibiza recently announced the return of renowned chef Martin Berasategui.

In collaboration with champagne maison Comte de Montaigne, they proudly present an exclusive dinner, showcasing their new menu. The culinary offering for this season seamlessly merges the traditional flavours of Cantabria with the finest ingredients from Ibiza, paying homage to Berasategui’s roots and the essence of Basque gastronomy.

This exquisite tasting menu takes diners on a gastronomic journey that captures the essence of both destinations, featuring delectable dishes such as Ibiza sea bass and Basque chilli served with sirvia, providing an authentic taste of the White Island.

Honouring Culinary Excellence

Martín Berasategui expresses his happiness and motivation, attributing the prestigious award to the unwavering enthusiasm displayed by the entire team since the opening of Etxeko Ibiza five years ago. He states, “The award is the result of working hard with the same enthusiasm as on the very first day. We want visitors to continue to be thrilled by our cuisine.”

Chef Paco Budia, Berasategui’s trusted right-hand man on the island, reflects on his fortune of working with the culinary genius, appreciating not only his expertise in the kitchen but also his humility and humanity. Receiving the first Michelin star serves as an honour and encouragement for the team to persist on this path of excellence, resulting in an invigorating new menu for the upcoming season, collaboratively designed with Martín and his team.

Experience the Magic of Etxeko Ibiza: A Visual Feast with Culinary Brilliance

A Symphony of Land and Sea

Under the guidance of Chef Paco Budia, the kitchen team at Etxeko Ibiza works closely with local artisanal suppliers to procure the freshest island produce, right down to oil and butter. The commitment to highlighting local producers positions them at the forefront of Etxeko Ibiza’s culinary concept. The tasting menu, comprising 15 courses, features signature dishes like Berasategui’s renowned ham and truffle liquid omelette, as well as tempura hake with amontillado and caviar mayonnaise.

Captivating creations such as the lobster carpaccio, paying homage to the Balearic countryside, and ‘The Ocean,’ an innovative wild sea bass dish braised with a seaweed liqueur, take diners on a captivating culinary journey. Meat enthusiasts can relish in dishes like ‘The Desert,’ a succulent smoked fillet of Iberian pork complemented by oyster taramasalata and mustard ice cream.

A Captivating Dessert Experience

The dessert menu at Etxeko Ibiza is sure to enchant patrons with its sensory delights. Indulge in the unique flavours of celery ice cream with granulated brandy or savour the creamy mango rock, served alongside caramelized hazelnuts, coffee butter, and vanilla toffee. These delectable creations are carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable culinary finale.

An Interactive Dining Experience

The dishes presented at Etxeko Ibiza are not only a feast for the taste buds but also a visual spectacle. Many dishes are meticulously finished right at the table, allowing diners to actively participate in the gastronomic experience and feel a sense of warmth and familiarity. This approach perfectly complements the restaurant’s name, ‘Etxeko,’ meaning ‘from home’ in Basque. Additionally, the restaurant places great importance on wine pairing, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Head Sommelier Eliel Varela curates an impressive selection of wines, including whites, sparklings, and fortified wines from the island, working closely with Paco Budia to create the perfect pairings that elevate the flavours of each dish.

Experience the Magic of Etxeko Ibiza: A Visual Feast with Culinary Brilliance

A Privileged Setting within the Epitome of Elegance

Etxeko Ibiza resides on the first floor of BLESS Hotel Ibiza, majestically positioned in the serene Cala Nova with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. The restaurant’s design exudes a warm and inviting ambience, achieved through the tasteful incorporation of wood, comfortable seating, and a striking statement fig tree at its heart.

After a delightful dining experience, guests can bask in the hotel’s infinity pool or indulge in one of its exclusive signature cocktails on the rooftop. BLESS Hotel Ibiza proudly holds membership in the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World group, which epitomizes its commitment to delivering world-class hospitality and service.

In conclusion, Etxeko Ibiza at BLESS Hotel Ibiza, led by the culinary expertise of Martin Berasategui, offers an exceptional dining experience that intertwines the traditional flavours of Cantabria and the finest ingredients of Ibiza. With its well-deserved Michelin star and dedication to excellence, Etxeko Ibiza continues to captivate diners, allowing them to embark on a gastronomic journey that harmonizes land and sea. Nestled within the luxurious BLESS Hotel Ibiza, guests can revel in a sensory exploration of taste, surrounded by elegance and tranquillity.

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