Moss Restaurant: Michelin Star Dining in Iceland

Moss Restaurant, situated within the luxurious confines of The Retreat at Blue Lagoon in Iceland, has recently achieved a significant milestone by being awarded its first Michelin Star.

This esteemed recognition was officially announced on 12th June during the grand ceremony held in Turku to unveil the prestigious MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2023.

Discover the Exquisite Dining Experience at Moss Restaurant

Nestled at the highest point of Blue Lagoon Iceland, Moss Restaurant offers breathtaking panoramic views of one of the world’s greatest wonders. Helmed by the highly acclaimed Chef Agnar Sverrisson, Moss is the signature dining establishment at The Retreat, presenting guests with an immersive journey into Iceland’s rich heritage and culinary reinvention.

Each meticulously crafted dish takes diners on a sensory exploration of the country’s seas, mountains, rivers, and farms, showcasing the finest seasonal and regional ingredients. Delights such as hand-caught scallops from the western coast, reindeer sourced by skilled hunters from Eskifjörður in the east, and pearl barley from Vallanes, a unique organic farm located in one of the most northern regions on the planet, grace the menu.

Moss Restaurant: Michelin Star Dining in Iceland

At Moss Restaurant, patrons can also experience the intimate 10-seat Chef’s Table, constructed entirely from lava rock quarried onsite. Additionally, the Wine Cellar, nestled within a captivating multi-hued cavern of frozen-in-time lava from the 1226 eruption, boasts an impressive collection of Old World wines with a focus on Bordeaux and Burgundy, along with an array of New World wines sourced from the Americas and Australia.

Meet Aggi Sverrisson, the Mastermind Behind Moss Restaurant

Aggi Sverrisson, the Head Chef of Moss Restaurant, was born and raised in Iceland. His culinary journey commenced at the age of 18 and eventually led him to England, where he joined the esteemed Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, the country’s oldest two Michelin-starred restaurants. In 2005, Aggi’s talent and dedication earned him the role of Head Chef, and in 2007, he embarked on his first independent venture as the chef patron of London’s renowned Texture Restaurant & Champagne Bar. Texture soon garnered a Michelin star in 2010, which it proudly retained for an impressive decade.

Moss Restaurant: Michelin Star Dining in Iceland

Aggi Sverrisson, head chef at Moss stated his happiness upon collecting the award. “This is great news,” he said. “Michelin star is a tremendous influence and it’s probably going to have a big impact.”

In 2020, Aggi returned to his native land, assuming the position of Executive Chef at Moss Restaurant. Here, he seamlessly blends Asian influences with Icelandic culinary traditions, transforming seasonal ingredients into timeless gourmet experiences.

The Splendour of the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2023 Ceremony

For the first time in history, the annual MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2023 Ceremony took place in Finland’s oldest city, Turku. The Nordic Countries selection encompasses Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. This year’s edition of the Guide welcomed 42 new restaurants, bringing the total number of featured establishments to 271. Among these, 81 restaurants have earned One, Two, or Three MICHELIN Stars, while 34 were recognized with a Bib Gourmand for their exceptional quality and value. Moreover, 39 restaurants were awarded the prestigious MICHELIN Green Star, recognizing their outstanding commitment to sustainability.

A Sustainable Haven: Blue Lagoon Iceland and The Retreat

Blue Lagoon Iceland, established in 1992, has long been revered as a sustainable destination, owing to the remarkable properties of its world-renowned geothermal seawater. Located in the heart of the Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark, amidst an ancient lava field dating back 800 years, the company embodies a sustainability-first ethos that extends beyond its celebrated spas and pools.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland encompasses hotels, restaurants, research and development, renowned skin care products, and holistic wellness offerings. In 2012, National Geographic recognized the water of the Blue Lagoon as one of the “25 Wonders of the World,” propelling this majestic natural wonder to the upper echelons of global travel destinations. Continuing its evolution, the company unveiled the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland in 2018—a distinguished five-star spa hotel.

Moss Restaurant: Michelin Star Dining in Iceland

This opulent retreat, featured in Time Magazine’s prestigious list of “The World’s 100 Greatest Places,” boasts a collection of 60 luxurious suites, a subterranean spa with the signature Blue Lagoon Ritual and in-water massages, a mineral-rich private lagoon, and two exceptional restaurants, including the Michelin-recommended Moss. In 2021, the company further expanded its offerings with the introduction of BL+, a scientifically advanced skincare line that complements their ethos of holistic well-being.

By combining breathtaking natural surroundings, exceptional culinary experiences, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Moss Restaurant at The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland continues to redefine luxury and elevate the global perception of Icelandic gastronomy. With its coveted Michelin Star, Moss solidifies its position as a culinary gem, beckoning connoisseurs from around the world to embark on an extraordinary journey of indulgence and discovery in this unique corner of the Earth.

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