Explore Bhutan’s Eco Wonders: The Luminaire’s Unique Journey

In 2024, as Bhutan commemorates 50 years of thriving tourism, The Luminaire invites travellers to embark on a unique journey through the Kingdom’s ecological marvels, guided by dedicated Bhutanese conservation experts.

Discover the relentless efforts to preserve Bhutan’s rich biodiversity in a nation celebrated as the world’s first carbon-negative country. Immerse yourself in Bhutan’s unspoiled landscapes, where ancient forests, protected mountain sanctuaries, and diverse wildlife flourish, all while actively contributing to global conservation endeavours.

Explore Bhutan's Eco Wonders: The Luminaire's Unique Journey

Bhutan’s Breathtaking Ecological Treasures

In a significant announcement on 1st September 2023, the Kingdom of Bhutan reduced the daily Sustainable Development Fee for overseas visitors to a mere $100 per day, with no charges for children aged five and under. This move makes Bhutan’s pristine wonders more accessible than ever before.

Throughout The Luminaire’s nine-day expedition, guests will have the privilege of being led by the trailblazers of environmental initiatives that have kept Bhutan as one of the planet’s few unspoiled havens. Many of the experiences offered are unprecedented in the world of travel.

One extraordinary experience includes joining Bhutanese researcher Dr Tiger Sangay in monitoring camera traps to track the movements of Bengal Tigers. Dr Tiger Sangay’s expertise provides unique insights into the lives of these magnificent creatures.

Explore Bhutan's Eco Wonders: The Luminaire's Unique Journey

Explore the enchanting Phobjikha Valley on a research hike with one of Bhutan’s most influential naturalists, Dr Sherub Sherub. His knowledge and passion for the region’s biodiversity will leave you awestruck.

Experience an intimate dinner with Dasho Benji, an esteemed environmentalist affectionately known as ‘the Godfather of Conservation’ within Bhutanese communities. As the founder of Bhutan’s Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, Dasho Benji is the leading authority on the Kingdom’s renowned black-necked cranes.

Descend into the fertile Punakha Valley and navigate the Mo Chhu (Mother River) by raft, immersing yourself in Bhutan’s stunning natural beauty from a unique perspective.

Visit the UNESCO-protected Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal’s largest spherical stupa, and witness a marvel of ancient architecture and spirituality.

Embark on a sustainable foraging adventure with expert eco-farmer Sangay Rinchen and discover the wealth of wild edibles that thrive in Bhutan’s pristine environment.

Explore Bhutan's Eco Wonders: The Luminaire's Unique Journey

Savour a private farm-to-fork dinner at Krishnarpan restaurant, where ingredients are sourced directly from Dwakira’s organic farms, celebrating Bhutan’s commitment to sustainable dining.

Join Sonam Phuntsho, a dedicated tree planter, on a guided forestry exploration and gain a deeper understanding of Bhutan’s remarkable carbon-negative status.

Luxurious Stays in Sustainable Lodges

Throughout this extraordinary journey, guests will enjoy stays at a series of luxury lodges carefully selected for their strong sustainability credentials. These accommodations include The Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu, Six Senses Thimphu, Gangtey Lodge, Punakha River Lodge, and Uma Paro, all offering a complete sanctuary within Bhutan’s pristine landscapes.

In 2024, make your way to Bhutan and immerse yourself in its unparalleled natural beauty while actively contributing to its conservation. Join The Luminaire for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that combines exploration, education, and preservation in one unforgettable journey.

Explore Bhutan's Eco Wonders: The Luminaire's Unique Journey

In conclusion, the year 2024 marks a significant milestone in Bhutan’s rich history of tourism, and The Luminaire’s unique expedition offers an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate this achievement. As travellers embark on this extraordinary journey, they will not only explore Bhutan’s pristine wilderness but also engage with local conservation experts who are passionately committed to safeguarding the Kingdom’s remarkable biodiversity.

From tracking Bengal Tigers to dining with conservation icons and discovering the secrets of Bhutan’s carbon-negative status, every moment of this adventure promises a deeper connection with nature and a chance to actively contribute to global conservation efforts. With luxurious, sustainable lodges as sanctuaries amid Bhutan’s natural beauty, this journey represents an unmissable opportunity to explore, learn, and preserve a truly extraordinary part of our planet.

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