Luxury Retreats in Bhutan: COMO Uma Paro & Punakha

As Bhutan takes a stride towards promoting “high value, low volume tourism” (*), the news of the country’s reduced $200 per night Sustainable Development Fee is set to ignite a surge in tourist interest.

While the financial accessibility of the destination has improved, the allure of its untouched and remote landscapes remains intact. In this realm, COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha emerge as two distinguished hotels that offer an authentic yet opulent escape from the humdrum of daily life.

Bhutan has recently introduced a revised tariff structure, discounting the $200 fee for the first 4 days of visitation. Subsequently, the following four days are now offered free of charge. Similar deals apply to seven-night stays, while visitors opting for 12 days are granted an additional 30 nights at no extra cost. By adhering to the principles of “high value, low volume tourism,” Bhutan has transformed into an increasingly desirable destination to explore.

COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha, situated amidst the sublime natural surroundings of Bhutan, offer an opportunity to delve into the very essence of this captivating nation while relishing in the height of luxury.

COMO Uma Paro: A Gateway to Bhutan’s Culture

Luxury Retreats in Bhutan: COMO Uma Paro & Punakha

Nestled in the Paro Valley—one of Bhutan’s five main valleys—COMO Uma Paro invites guests to embark on a journey through Bhutan’s culture, religion, and breathtaking landscapes. Reflecting the architectural aesthetics of a traditional Bhutanese village, the boutique hideaway seamlessly blends with the backdrop of blue pine trees and mist-covered hillsides. Hand-painted walls and artisan-crafted woodwork grace the interiors, imbuing them with a touch of tradition. COMO Uma Paro boasts nine private villas, as well as 20 luxury rooms and suites, expertly combining vibrant Bhutanese accents with COMO’s signature clean-lined contemporary design, which harmoniously reflects the cultural context.

A sojourn at COMO Uma Paro is a gateway to discovering the essence of Bhutan. Guests can test their skills in the national sport of archery, freely explore the blue pine forests, or embark on the Taktsang “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery Walk, accompanied by a knowledgeable COMO guide. Adventurers seeking more exhilaration can undertake a Himalayan camping trip, while those yearning for tranquillity can unwind in one of two private Bhutanese hot-stone bathhouses or practice meditation in the yoga studio, which offers breathtaking floor-to-ceiling views of Paro. The COMO Shambhala Retreat presents a comprehensive range of holistic, Asian-inspired treatments, including the renowned COMO Shambhala massages and Ayurvedic wellness programs.

Luxury Retreats in Bhutan: COMO Uma Paro & Punakha

The pursuit of well-being extends beyond the spa at COMO Uma Paro. Designed to invigorate the body with nutritionally rich foods, COMO Shambhala Cuisine tantalizes guests with robust and nutritious dishes crafted from ingredients sourced from the hotel’s organic kitchen garden. For a more indulgent experience, Bukhari, the hotel’s award-winning restaurant, offers an enticing selection of international and local delicacies. Produce, sourced either from the kitchen garden or local farmers, ensures freshness that has even captivated Bhutan’s royal family, making Bukhari their preferred restaurant in Paro.

COMO Uma Punakha: Immersion in the Ethereal Kingdom

Located at the far western end of the lush Punakha Valley, a scenic five-hour drive from COMO Uma Paro, COMO Uma Punakha welcomes guests to the heart of Bhutan’s ethereal kingdom. This intimate lodge, set amidst the layered landscape, features nine hillside rooms and two private villas, each offering panoramic views of the surrounding valley and the meandering Mo Chu River as it winds through rice fields and orchards. Privacy, escapism, and adventure define the experience at COMO Uma Punakha, providing unparalleled access to Bhutan’s celebrated landscapes and historic sites, including ancient temples, pine-clad valleys, and snow-capped mountains.

Luxury Retreats in Bhutan: COMO Uma Paro & Punakha

After venturing through the hotel’s untamed locale, weary travellers can seek respite and relaxation at the COMO Shambhala Retreat. Here, a range of holistic, Asian-inspired treatments await, from signature massages and facials to rejuvenating full-body therapies and the traditional Bhutanese Hot-Stone Bath. Guests can toast to their enriching experiences at Bukhari, the hotel’s esteemed restaurant. Bukhari serves a delectable fusion of local and international cuisines, highlighting the abundant produce of Bhutan’s fertile valleys. Daily fresh vegetables, fruits, and dairy sourced from nearby farmers ensure an exquisite dining experience.

In conclusion, Bhutan’s discounted Sustainable Development Fee serves as an invitation to explore the extraordinary allure of this enchanting destination. COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha, with their harmonious blend of authenticity and luxury, offer an immersive experience that allows visitors to witness the captivating beauty of Bhutan while basking in refined comfort. Embark on a transformative journey, where cultural treasures, majestic landscapes, and unparalleled hospitality converge to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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