A Festive Extravaganza at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

This festive season, Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo is transformed into a visual paradise, predominantly themed in a rich, vibrant red, under the artistic guidance of Perrine Guyonnet.

The hotel’s artistic director has skilfully orchestrated an ambience that exudes warmth and elegance. The décor, featuring an array of giant red bows and ribbons, sets a luxurious and festive tone, enveloping guests in a holiday spirit from the moment they step inside.

The choice of red is not just a nod to the traditional colours of the season but also a reflection of the hotel’s commitment to creating an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury.

A Festive Extravaganza at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

The colour red, known for its richness and warmth, is used throughout the hotel to create a cohesive and inviting environment. From the entrance to the inner sanctums of the hotel, each space is thoughtfully adorned, making every corner a picturesque setting for guests to enjoy their festive stay.

The Lobby’s Festive Centrepiece

In the heart of the hotel’s lobby stands the pièce de résistance of the festive decorations – a magnificent Christmas tree. This tree, adorned in a resplendent red, is the embodiment of the ‘Metropole Mood’ for 2023. It serves as a beacon of the festive spirit, influencing the décor that gracefully extends throughout the hotel, creating a seamless flow of elegance and festivity.

The Christmas tree is not just a decoration but a symbol of the season’s joy and celebration. It represents the culmination of the year’s festivities and sets the tone for the décor that flows throughout the rest of the hotel. The tree, with its sparkling lights and elegant ornaments, becomes a focal point for guests, inviting them to gather around and soak in the festive atmosphere.

A Festive Extravaganza at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

Culinary Delights: A Yuletide Sensation

The hotel’s culinary offerings for the festive season are a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation. The highlight is the Yuletide Log, a culinary masterpiece draped in bright red icing, crafted in the shape of a Christmas cracker.

This dessert is a symphony of flavours, featuring a blend of vanilla, lemon and olive oil biscuit, and candied strawberries and lemon, topped with edible decorative elements, making it a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

In addition to the Yuletide Log, the hotel’s restaurants and bars offer a range of festive treats and beverages. Each dish and drink is carefully crafted to complement the overall theme of the season, ensuring that guests enjoy a holistic and immersive festive dining experience.

From traditional holiday favourites to innovative new creations, the culinary team at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo goes above and beyond to delight their guests.

Gourmet Experiences at Les Ambassadeurs

Les Ambassadeurs by Christophe Cussac presents an exquisite dining experience with a five-course menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, showcasing the culinary expertise and creativity of the renowned chef.

New Year’s Eve at the restaurant is marked by a lavish seven-course menu, featuring delicacies like scallop cannelloni, lobster bisque, and a venison dish, each course a testament to the chef’s mastery and the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence.

A Festive Extravaganza at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

The dining experience is further enhanced by a diverse five-part musical show, promising an unforgettable evening. The show features a range of musical styles, from Classical to Pop Electro, performed by talented musicians, including a violinist and saxophonist, as well as various singers and dancers.

This fusion of gourmet cuisine and live entertainment creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, making each meal a memorable event.

Spa Metropole by Givenchy: A Haven of Relaxation

The Spa Metropole by Givenchy offers a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation, with treatments specially curated for the festive season. These include the ‘Le Soin Noir Renaissance Absolue’, a rejuvenating face and body ritual that combines traditional techniques with modern innovation, and the ‘Givenchy Signature Massage’, inspired by Thai and Chinese medicine, offering a unique blend of relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Additionally, the ‘Givenchy Skin Perfecto Treatment’ is a highlight, featuring a unique dual pink quartz guasha massage. This treatment is designed to reveal the skin’s natural glow, combining ancient practices with contemporary skincare science.

The spa’s serene environment, coupled with these luxurious treatments, provides guests with an oasis of calm and indulgence, making it the perfect retreat during the bustling holiday season.

A Magical Christmas for the Little Ones

Children are in for a magical experience with a range of activities planned for Christmas Eve. They can engage in crafting personalised Christmas decorations, creating special greeting cards, and participating in a drawing competition.

These activities are designed not only to entertain but also to spark creativity and imagination in the young guests, making their holiday experience both fun and enriching.

The highlight for the children is the arrival of Father Christmas at the hotel’s Lobby Bar. This event promises to be a memorable and magical experience, as Father Christmas spreads festive cheer among the young guests.

The enchanting setting of the Lobby Bar, combined with the excitement of meeting Father Christmas, creates magical memories that will last a lifetime, ensuring that the children’s stay at the hotel is filled with joy and wonder.

Chic and Trendy: The Artistic Director’s Vision

Perrine Guyonnet’s artistic vision has transformed the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo into a chic and trendy destination, celebrating the season’s colour – red. The hotel exudes French elegance and joie de vivre, with its glamorous red décor, comprising silky bows and glittery ribbons, creating an atmosphere of charm and sophistication. This transformation is a testament to Guyonnet’s artistic prowess and her ability to create a unique and captivating environment.

A Festive Extravaganza at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

The décor extends beyond mere aesthetics, evoking an irresistible sense of chic and charm. From the silky, light, velvety textures of the bows and ribbons to the glittery accents that catch the light, every element has been carefully chosen and placed to enhance the overall experience of the guests.

The result is an original scenography that not only reflects the festive season but also the hotel’s commitment to luxury and elegance.

A Symphony of Red: An Unparalleled Experience

The hotel’s décor extends to the Salon des Princes and the Lobby Bar, adorned with spectacular drapes and bows. This exceptional sensory experience transports guests to a world of splendour and sophistication, making every moment at the hotel an enchanting interlude.

The splendour of red is not just limited to visual elements; it permeates the entire atmosphere, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the guests.

The sumptuously decorated Christmas tree, along with the spectacular drapes of fabric and bows, creates a visual symphony of red that is both breathtaking and inviting. Guests are transported to a world of luxury and elegance, where every detail has been meticulously crafted to enhance their experience.

This attention to detail and commitment to creating a unique and luxurious environment sets Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo apart as a premier festive destination.

Luxurious Stay Offers

Guests can indulge in a luxurious stay at the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, with packages starting from 500€ per night. This includes a stay in a Deluxe Room with a buffet breakfast and access to the ODYSSEY pool area, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The pool area, with its elegant design and serene ambience, offers a perfect escape from the festive hustle and bustle, providing guests with a tranquil space to relax and rejuvenate.

In addition to the luxurious accommodations, guests also benefit from the Métropole Lifestyle card, perfect for festive shopping. This card offers exclusive advantages and discounts at the Métropole Shopping Centre, allowing guests to pamper their loved ones with special gifts during the Christmas season.

The combination of luxurious accommodations, exclusive benefits, and a prime location makes the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo an ideal choice for a festive getaway.

Engaging Children’s Workshops

The hotel’s children’s workshops, led by talented artists, offer a creative outlet for the little ones. Activities include creating personalised Christmas decorations and festive masks, and participating in competitions, ensuring a fun-filled festive season for the children. These workshops are designed to be both educational and entertaining, providing children with an opportunity to learn new skills and express their creativity.

The workshop on the 24th of December is a special event where children can immerse themselves in the festive spirit. They can create unique Christmas decorations and special greeting cards, adding a personal touch to the holiday celebrations.

The Christmas drawing competition adds an element of excitement and friendly competition, with prizes to be won. During the afternoon, the arrival of Father Christmas in the enchanting setting of the hotel’s Lobby Bar adds to the festive cheer, creating unforgettable memories for the children.

Tea Time at the Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar of Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo hosts a delightful Tea Time, curated by Chef Christophe Cussac and Pastry Chef Patrick Mesiano. Guests can enjoy a selection of sweet and savoury treats, each carefully crafted to delight the senses. The assortment of delicacies is complemented by a selection of teas, coffees, or hot chocolate, catering to the preferences of every guest. This Tea Time experience is a perfect blend of culinary art and relaxation, offering guests a moment of tranquillity amidst the festive activities.

A Festive Extravaganza at Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

For a more festive experience, guests can indulge in Tea Time accompanied by a glass of champagne. This addition elevates the experience, adding a touch of luxury and celebration. The bar, with music by Béatrice Ardisson, sparkles all day long, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere.

The decorative architect Jacques Garcia has elegantly reinvented the Bar and Lobby areas, making them warm and inviting spaces for guests to sit, drink, read, or meet up with friends.

A Warm and Inviting Ambiance

The decorative architect Jacques Garcia has elegantly reinvented the Bar and Lobby areas of Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, creating a warm and inviting space for guests. His design seamlessly blends luxury with comfort, making these areas ideal for relaxation and socialisation.

The bar and lobby become a hub of activity, where guests can enjoy a drink, engage in conversation, or simply relax in a beautifully designed setting.

The ambience of the bar is further enhanced by the music selection by Béatrice Ardisson. The music adds a vibrant and dynamic element to the atmosphere, making the bar a lively destination throughout the day.

Whether guests are looking for a place to unwind with a book, catch up with friends, or enjoy a festive drink, the bar and lobby areas offer the perfect setting.

Conclusion: A Festive Destination Par Excellence

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo emerges as a premier destination for those seeking a blend of luxury, elegance, and festive cheer. With its exquisite décor, gourmet offerings, and a range of activities for all ages, the hotel promises an unforgettable holiday experience in the heart of Monaco.

The attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and dedication to creating a unique and luxurious environment make Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo a must-visit destination for a festive getaway.

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