Types Of False Lashes For Different Eye Shapes

The human eye comes in a few different shapes. Decisions about using cosmetics, such as eyeshadow, mascara, and false lashes, depend on that eye shape. What works for one will not necessarily do the same for another.

Choosing the right products and using them ineffective combinations might take some trial-and-error experimentation. However, once you learn how to create the look you desire, it will be plain sailing from there. This does not mean you will never want to try new products, ideas, and combinations, but having a standard routine and requirements allows you to get your makeup done in minutes, producing a unique look that suits your face and style.

Here are the five main eye shape types and how to choose false lashes for them:

Almond Eyes

Types Of False Lashes For Different Eye Shapes

Almond eyes are the most common eye shape. Choosing eyelashes for eye shape for almond eyes should not be too challenging as most false lashes are made for them. Major brands, including Lilac St., Trish McEvoy, Sweed, and Vavalash, make lashes to suit all eye shapes, using different lengths and textures. Lilac St. lash extensions are made using hand-arranged fibers that remain durable while still creating an authentic look.

These lash extensions do not have a visible strip, making them easier to apply without leaving behind a line that makes it obvious you are wearing fake lashes.

Almond eyes are almost twice as wide as high, an elongated shape that suits most lash types. Using long lashes in your lash line’s center creates a doe-eye effect. This gives the eyes a wider open appearance, making them seem rounder. Alternatively, users can take advantage of their eyes’ almond shape by getting cat-eye extensions, with lashes extending beyond the outer end of their lash line.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are less than twice as long as they are high. Typically, you can see the whites of round eyes either above or below the irises. Choosing lashes for round eyes can be tricky because an incorrect choice will make you look startled. Eyelashes that are too tightly curled will also not suit someone with round eyes.

Cat-eye or natural lashes are best for round eyes. A cat’s eye look will make your eyes look elongated, giving them an almond-shaped appearance. This is something that many people with different eye shapes attempt, wanting to make their eyes appear almond-shaped to fit in with the majority. Looks to avoid include the doe eye, which makes the eyes rounder.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are characterized by an eyelid that extends out or over your natural lash line. Your lash line might appear almost invisible, disappearing under the lid. People with hooded eyes do not tend to have prominent lashes and benefit from using false eyelashes. Tight curls are not recommended for hooded eyes as lash tips will touch the eyelid.

Longer lashes are advised for hooded eyes as they highlight the lashes, making them more visible. They cover the extended hood, making it less noticeable. Coupled with a gentle curl, these lashes will make your eyes seem more open.

Types Of False Lashes For Different Eye Shapes

Deep-Set Eyes

These eyes are set further back in your skull, making them appear smaller. Longer lashes will make them stand out more, negating the sunken look they create. However, lashes should not be too tightly curled as they will rub against the brow bone, more apparent in people with deep-set eyes.

A doe eye style suits deep-set eyes as it makes them appear wider open and less receded into the skull. Short lashes will do nothing to make deep-set eyes appear less sunken, so users should choose products that offer length and volume.

Types Of False Lashes For Different Eye Shapes

Downturned Eyes

Someone who has downturned eyes has outer eyelid corners that are lower than the inner corners. These eyes often appear sad or sleepy as they droop downward. Avoid a cat-eye look when applying lashes, as this will only exacerbate the problem, making the lids appear even heavier. Lashes should be longer toward the center of the eyelid as it will lift it.

Lashes should be curled more tightly toward the outer corners of the eyelid as this also creates a lifting effect that makes them seem less droopy. Instead, they will look more open and slightly rounder.

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