Ferrari Trento: Italian Sparkling Wine Excellence

In the realm of Italian sparkling wines, Ferrari Trento has consistently epitomized excellence and innovation.

This distinguished winery has recently clinched the prestigious title of “Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year” for the third consecutive year, cementing its global reputation as the quintessential Italian sparkling wine.

This accolade is just one of many, as Ferrari Trento has also been honoured at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships for the sixth time in the last decade. Beyond being a triumphant moment for Ferrari Trento, this recognition shines a spotlight on the enchanting region of Trentino, nestled in the north of Italy, renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dolomites.

Ferrari Trento: Italian Sparkling Wine Excellence

The Italian Art of Living in Trentino

Trentino, the homeland of Ferrari Trento, is not just a place of exceptional wines but a sanctuary of natural beauty, historical richness, and quaint towns and villages. This harmonious fusion of captivating landscapes, ancient olive groves, and cultural heritage forms an idyllic backdrop, making it an ideal escape this autumn.

At the heart of Cantine Ferrari lies an unwavering commitment to excellence, a profound connection to the Trentino region, and a relentless pursuit of innovation while honouring tradition. This enduring legacy is preserved by the Lunelli family, who now guide the winery in its third generation.

A Journey Through Beauty and Excellence

Today, Ferrari Trento is celebrated worldwide as Italy’s preeminent sparkling wine, reflecting the essence of the beloved Italian “Art of Living.” This exceptional acclaim comes as no surprise, considering the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication invested in every bottle.

Ferrari Trento: Italian Sparkling Wine Excellence

A visit to Cantine Ferrari promises a unique journey through the world of art in its various forms, from effervescent bubbles to intricate frescoes, architectural marvels, and delectable cuisine. The experience lasts approximately 45 minutes and revolves around an exploration of the subterranean wine cellar, where millions of bottles patiently age in silent anticipation, ready to unveil the enchantment of Trentodoc sparkling wine. The grand finale of this tour culminates in a guided tasting at the Ferrari Incontri hospitality area, where you can purchase bottles from the prestigious Lunelli Group.

Explore the Villa Margon

Extend your adventure by visiting Villa Margon, nestled among the vineyards that form the heart and soul of Ferrari. This magnificent sixteenth-century complex, lovingly restored by the Lunelli family, serves as the hospitality centre for the Group. Adorned with exquisite frescoes both inside and outside, it is often hailed as the most opulent residence outside city walls throughout the Alps.

Ferrari Trento: Italian Sparkling Wine Excellence

To conclude your remarkable journey, we recommend a visit to the nearby Locanda Margon, Casa Ferrari’s Michelin-starred restaurant. This culinary haven offers a breathtaking natural terrace that overlooks the charming city of Trento. Here, Chef Edoardo Fumagalli weaves his culinary magic, infusing creativity with a profound understanding of locally sourced ingredients. The resulting cuisine is characterized by its “simple complexity,” providing a perfect opportunity to experiment with innovative pairings featuring Trentodoc sparkling wine.

In summary, Ferrari Trento embodies the quintessential Italian sparkling wine and the spirit of the “Art of Living” cherished worldwide. With its rich history, commitment to excellence, and promise of an immersive journey through beauty and elegance, a visit to Cantine Ferrari is a celebration of all things Italian and an experience to be treasured.

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