Five Simple Ways To Use Crystals In Your Day-To-Day Routine

Crystals and crystal therapy are an age-old phenomenon that is only recently becoming recognized by many westerners. They aren’t just for hippies anymore, though! Many urbanites are using crystals every day to improve their health, support their finances, and boost productivity in multiple areas of their lives. 

As a newcomer, you might have some questions about how to use crystals effectively in your day-to-day life. So let’s talk about ways to incorporate crystals in your everyday routine to support wellness, prosperity, and productivity in specific areas of your personal and professional life.

Wear It Like Jewellery

Five Simple Ways To Use Crystals In Your Day-To-Day Routine

One thing that you commonly find when looking for crystals and how they are used is wearing them as jewellery. You can wear crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, crystal rings or beaded bracelets or even earrings. There are so many types of jewellery out there created, especially with crystals in mind! 

Moreover, what better than adorning natural beauty? Crystals make you feel beautiful from the inside out and offer incredible benefits beyond what meets the eye. For example, if you need to go for an interview and have anxiety, try wearing a crystal that will help open up your throat chakra just before leaving, which will help calm your nerves during your speech. 

And sometimes, being under pressure can be stressful – we all need an approach like this to help us through those times.

Use It In Your Self-Care Routine

Five Simple Ways To Use Crystals In Your Day-To-Day Routine

You can find many crystal beauty tools that you can use as a part of your self-care routine. Don’t we all need the pick me up sometimes! 

You can try jade rollers or rose quartz to help calm your skin, promote cell restoration, reduce puffiness and release the stress that can build up in your skin (also super great for de-puffing eyes!). However, be sure that you’ve moisturized with oil before using them so that the crystals will glide effortlessly on your skin.

Use It In Your Meditation Practice

Five Simple Ways To Use Crystals In Your Day-To-Day Routine

Crystals are wonderful tools that can help with many stages of your spiritual journey. Crystals can help you open up to higher realms of consciousness, clear out negative energy, and entice more love into your life. 

The best way to use Crystals is through meditation. Start by creating an intention for yourself, like healing negativity or attracting new love. Find some quiet time alone and hold the crystals for meditation. Meditate on your breath and try to connect with the Crystals, but remember different Crystals will scratch different itches on your spiritual journey!

For example, you can use various crystals to change your life in many ways. Amethyst helps open the higher consciousness of your mind; Rose quartz attracts more love, and clear crystals manifest all of your desires.

You Can Use It In Your Workspace

Five Simple Ways To Use Crystals In Your Day-To-Day Routine

Crystals are the perfect companion in the office. Not only is it beautiful to gaze upon, but crystals brighten up your desk and also promote mental clarity. They can also help you be more creative! 

Black tourmaline is great to keep around if you’d like to avoid taking on any negative energy – or else it can absorb energy directed at you during a meeting with someone who makes your skin crawl! 

Clear quartz is the best crystal for focusing and concentrating on the tasks at hand!

Incorporate Crystals In Your Bedtime Routine

Five Simple Ways To Use Crystals In Your Day-To-Day Routine

Did you know that a calming atmosphere can also affect your sleep? Just placing a few crystals in your bedroom could improve the quality of Zs you get at night. 

Don’t forget to place a soothing light in the room, for instance, a crystal lamp. Enhance the ambience with some Feng Shui, and you might even see results in your sleeping patterns! 

Just be careful not to use your phone right before bed or any other electronic gadget for that matter, because no amount of crystals will aid you if there is blue light present.


Many people have been drawn to crystals for thousands of years because of their beauty and their ability to heal. We hope you will continue to explore the many ways you can add these beautiful crystal stones to your life.