How Some Crystals And Stones Have Healing Powers

In recent years, crystals became extremely popular, and not just for their aesthetic, some of them are used for their extraordinary powers as well! There are a lot of different kinds of healing crystals that can be used for various problems, regarding both your body and mind – it’s just important to do a bit of research and find the one most suitable for you. So here are some crystals and stones and their healing powers!

How Some Crystals And Stones Have Healing Powers

What Do Healing Crystals Do?

Crystals and healing stones have been around for hundreds of years, and they have been a part of various cultures and practices. But how can you use crystals and stones for healing today? It is believed that many crystals and stones carry certain healing properties that can positively influence both your body and your mind. These benefits can vary from making you feel better by clearing up your mind, getting rid of stress, and just opening up your body for further healing. But it’s extremely important to select the right stone or crystal for you and your needs! 

Best Crystals To Use

Some crystals are for abundance, some are for love, whilst some are for making you feel better physically and mentally! Crystals and stones are usually divided either by zodiac to the certain chakra that they are associated with – like amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, therefore it helps get rid of emotional baggage and cloudiness.  Also, some crystals and stones have a specific purpose they specialize in, so make sure you find the one that suits your needs! 

Clear Quartz

Probably one of the most famous healing stones, Clear Quartz is known for its magical healing powers for various purposes! It regulates and absorbs energy, turning it into something good. Since it’s such a diverse stone, it helps balance your entire body and helps boost your immune system!


Labradorite refers to a feldspar mineral, found in tabular and thin shapes. It comes in purple, grey, green, blue, yellow, and brown. This mineral has a beautiful pearly sheen, symbolizing courage and mysticism. 

So, what’s labradorite and how can it help you? Labradorite has been associated with the Northern Lights, along the Labrador region of Canada because of its colours.  

This healing crystal serves as a reminder that the best healing stones are connected to all the great elements, including the ground, the ocean, and the sky with all the stars above. There are stories on Labradorite the Inuit people. According to a legend, an Inuit warrior have seen that the Aurora was trapped inside a piece of stone. The warrior took his spear and struck the stone that set the light free. 

Labradorite shines brightly as a healing crystal, suitable for the conditions of the respiratory system. This healing crystal helps improve breathing and blood circulation. Labradorite invites you to take a deep breath as you say your affirmations to the universe. If you’re suffering from emphysema, bronchitis, or other respiratory issues, you may find the healing you need from labradorite. The healing properties of labradorite tap into the wearer’s creativity, connecting the being with his higher consciousness.


Negative energy is lurking behind every corner, but having an Obsidian crystal near you can protect both your body and your mind! Detoxing yourself is extremely important, so adding this crystal to your detox routine can also help! 


This unique bluestone offers more than you’d think! It’s a general stone that helps heal your body, mind, and soul all at once! Boosting your immune system whilst giving you mental and spiritual guidance! 


Another powerful gemstone that can be used by everyone, for various different things. It helps you calm down and battle negative thoughts, while it influences sleep and helps with those who struggle with insomnia. Stress and pain are often common amongst people, so having an amethyst around can help relieve it! 

How To Use Crystals And Stones

As mentioned, crystals and stones carry a lot of beneficial properties that radiate healing energy, it is believed that this healing energy can be passed down to the person who is in contact with the said healing crystal! There are multiple ways you can use them to your benefit, from incorporating them in your skincare routine, drinking crystal elixirs from special water bottles, wearing them as jewellery or simply having them in your home as decor! Obviously, some crystals have extremely specific usages, whilst others can be used in a more flexible manner! Crystals work with the energy centres in the body to remove negative blockages and heal the body, mind, and spirit. This is why they are commonly used on the body. Our health and well-being are transformed in powerful ways when we wear protection crystal rings or necklaces. They raise our vibration and renew our energy

How Some Crystals And Stones Have Healing Powers

Important Things To Note

There are a lot of important things you should know before starting your crystal collection, especially if you intend on using them for their healing powers! If you want your crystals and stones to work properly, you need to regularly cleanse and recharge them so that they can be energetically ready. There are different kinds of methods you can do, the most common one is to use running water – just soak your stone or crystal, let it bathe in the water and truly clear out. After that just put it on the sun so it absorbs its energy and you are done! It’s best that you do research on the specific crystal or stone you ended up choosing, but in most cases, cleansing and recharging are done the same way and can be applied to multiple different crystals and stones! 

At the end of the day, it all depends on the crystal and on the problem area you need to help with. There is a wide range of all sorts and kinds of crystals, so make sure you choose yours carefully! It’s safe to say that any healing crystal is fine to get, but being more specific is always the best – don’t forget to use and cleanse it properly for the best results, and don’t forget to go into this with an open mind!

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