Dazzling Peridot Creations: Fuli Gemstones Shines at GemGenève

Fuli Gemstones recently took the spotlight at GemGenève, the prestigious gem and jewellery trade show in Geneva, Switzerland.

Fuli unveiled a dazzling array of new collaborations and initiatives that captivated visitors and showcased the beauty of their vibrant peridot gemstones.

Tournaire Presents ‘Alchimie’: A Mesmerising Peridot Suite

The renowned French Maison, Tournaire, has teamed up with Fuli Gemstones to create a spellbinding jewellery suite called ‘Alchimie.’ Mathieu Tournaire’s artistic brilliance shines through as he uses Fuli’s vivid peridot gemstones to craft a one-of-a-kind set that embodies the essence of the Tournaire style.

With an eloquent fusion of forms and colours, this exceptional suite boasts pear-shaped peridots accentuated by three iconic geometric shapes – square, triangle, and round – representing universal symbols of life and evolution.

Backes & Strauss Unveils the Queen of Hearts Peridot Watch

In an exclusive partnership, Backes & Strauss proudly introduces the Queen of Hearts Peridot luxury ladies’ watch, featuring Fuli’s finest peridot sourced directly from the Yiqisong Nanshan mine in the tranquil Changbai mountains, Jilin Province.

The timepiece’s bezel is adorned with 36 heart-shaped peridots, cut and polished, especially for this exquisite creation, set in elegant 18K white gold. Vartkess Knadjian, CEO of Backes & Strauss, expresses excitement about the collaboration with Fuli Gemstones and their exceptional peridot gemstones.

Fuli Gemstones Inspires the Swiss Art School

This season, Fuli Gemstones has been chosen as the gemstone of inspiration for the Swiss Art School’s annual gouache painting competition at GemGenève. The vibrant gouache paint-ups portray Fuli’s high-quality peridot gemstones and will be showcased during the event, with the winners announced at a special ceremony.

Stasia Parker’s Award-Winning ‘Amulet’ Collection

Stasia Parker, the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards’ 2022 2D Peridot Jewellery Design gold winner, collaborates with Vipa Designs in the UK and Fuli Gemstones to bring her winning design, the ‘Amulet‘ collection, to life.

The bespoke-cut hexagonal Fuli peridots add a touch of brilliance to these exquisite earrings, showcasing a perfect blend of elegance and colour.

Joy BC’s Empowering Creations Ignited by Fuli Peridot

The talented artist jeweller, Joy BC, draws inspiration from ancient civilizations and beliefs to create her Medusa comb and Sekhmet ring, embodying modern empowerment. Joy’s incredible creations come to life with the radiance of Fuli’s peridot gemstones, adding a unique touch to these empowering pieces.

Introducing Mark Nuell’s Masterpiece

Mark Nuell, the renowned lapidarist and goldsmith, will showcase his latest masterpiece at GemGenève – the Fuli Gemstones peridot bespoke cut. Weighing an impressive 9.07 carat and featuring over 150 facets, this gem exemplifies the extraordinary refraction potential of Fuli’s peridot gemstones.

Dazzling Peridot Creations: Fuli Gemstones Shines at GemGenève

At GemGenève, Fuli will exhibit an array of eye-catching loose gemstones from their mine, including the debut of their official full collection of Fuli Gemstones’ cuts. Notably, visitors will also witness the launch of two captivating colour levels – Fuli Radiant and Fuli Vivid – promising a memorable experience for gemstone enthusiasts and buyers alike.


With high expectations and boundless creativity, Fuli Gemstones shines brightly at GemGenève, presenting a spellbinding array of peridot creations and bespoke cuts. As they grace the prestigious event, visitors are set to be enamoured by the allure of Fuli’s vivid peridot gemstones, each telling its own story of artistry and beauty. Don’t miss this chance to witness the captivating history and elegance of Fuli’s peridot gemstones at GemGenève, where dreams and reality converge in a harmonious dance of brilliance and splendour.

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