The Functionality And Allure Of Shaker Kitchens

The shaker kitchen is one that employs minimalism, clean lines, and a straightforward design. They emphasize utility and practical advantages over flowery decorations. This name derives from a religious group that escaped persecution by fleeing to the United States. In the centuries that passed, their name became associated with this type of furniture.

And in recent years, with the rise of minimalism, the shaker gained greater visibility and more households began to integrate it into their space.

However, the beauty of this style does not lie only in its bare-bones aesthetic but also in its potential for blending well into any decorum and its ability to become special for everyone who chooses it. While the style may appear dated to some, the shaker lends itself well to modernizations, and contemporary appliances fit right in.

The Functionality And Allure Of Shaker Kitchens

Main Features Of Shaker Kitchens

Designed with function and pragmatic purpose in mind, in order to ensure it does what it has to do, namely cooking, the shaker kitchen doesn’t believe in extreme sophistication in the form of avant-garde woodwork, inlays or veneers. It uses wood as its primary material, cherry, pine or maple and employs a reduced palette in the primary colours.

Traditionally, even drawer pulls fashioned out of wood, create a rustic charm that is impossible to deny. This works well if you are not the type to enjoy thinking too much about a good design. If you’re not keen on spending much time thinking about which piece of furniture goes well with another, this style is utterly reliable. It is quite impossible to go wrong with the classics

Why Go The Shaker Route

The Functionality And Allure Of Shaker Kitchens

If you are a fan of both longevity and versatility, shaker kitchens are your go-to option. They are a great value for money choice, which is part of the enduring appeal of this style. While you can go the standard way and get furniture the way Shakers made it centuries ago, you should be aware of the fact that many different assortments of styles and colours have appeared since then. You can choose eclectic colours such as mint, baby blue and dove grey.

You may decide you prefer ceramic or glass pulls on your cupboards to add more elegance to your kitchen. Even brass can be used if you aim to replicate the quaint atmosphere of a country cottage. Don’t be misled into equating minimalism with poor quality. The quality that goes into these pieces is definitely not second-rate, and their craftsmanship is second to none.

Not to mention that, by investing in a shaker kitchen, you are essentially walking down the path of some incredible, museum-worthy pieces. To have that in your own home is quite extraordinary. 

Matching Styles

The Functionality And Allure Of Shaker Kitchens

The way you arrange your home around the shaker kitchen is also important for truly making it shine. When it comes to this, your own imagination and sense of style impact the final design. This style is adaptable and flexible, offering great support for additions and innovations. If you prefer a more modern style, opt for a smooth, glittering countertop that adds that edge to the look and gives the shaker entirely different energy.

You can likewise opt for an open space design which means you’ll be able to show guests those amazing doors. Adding some pieces which resemble antiques would also be a great addition. The floors and windows you have are also important and give clues to what you should choose. Going for patterns that complement each other is the obvious choice, but you can go for colours that clash too if you’re feeling bold or are a fan of colour blocking.  


Take it a step further by customising your kitchen by blending in one or more different kitchen styles. The Scandinavian style is a very clear contender in this area. Both types believe in the beauty of simplicity, and the subdued whites and greys of the Danish style will give a lovely feeling to the shaker pantry. You can also add some rustic elements to it and picture yourself in an idyllic farmhouse kitchen. That is unless you don’t already live in one.

To achieve this, keep your upper shelving open and concentrate the entire beauty of those shaker doors to the lower cabinets. If you want to add an extra layer of cosiness, consider a woven rug or a patchwork apron. If you are a fan of the more lustrous, polished style, consider chrome and stainless steel as materials. The contrast between these cutting-edge materials and the classic shaker style will make for a kitchen that is one of a kind. 

Utilise Your Space

The Functionality And Allure Of Shaker Kitchens

The initial purpose of a shaker kitchen was to reap the most benefits out of the space by making it easy to use. The uncomplicated design means you don’t have to spend too much time finding ingredients in your cupboards before getting down to cooking or baking, while the straightforward arrangement means you don’t have to spend too much energy cleaning all the nooks and crannies in order to keep your kitchen looking spotless.

It is best to also consider some tips in order to best utilise your space; after all, shaker kitchens are known for being sensible before everything else, and it would be unfortunate not to adopt this mindset yourself. In the end, objects having their own places and not just lying around are said to help you not only aesthetically but also psychologically by making it easier for you to focus on the task at hand.

Some helpful starting steps would be to get a good cutlery tray, install hooks for mugs or pans – extra points for arranging them based on their sizes, colours or function-, invest in some good mason jars, getting a spice rack or drawer and finding new ways to hang your fruits and veggies, by using wire stacking bins or tiered fruit baskets. 

The possibilities seem never-ending when it comes to the shaker kitchen, and they are indeed so. The style allows you to make your kitchen truly your own and for you to feel genuinely at home in it while maintaining the down-to-earth appeal that made it survive as a well-known style for generations.

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