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One of the main reasons as to why Fendi is such a loved brand is partly because of its interpretation of the ‘Italian way of design’. The brand has established itself as a forward thinker, innovator, interpreter and influencer while staying true to elegance, balance and harmony. Basically, everything that the ‘Italian way of design’ has always stood for, but with a dash of eccentricity. This ethos is perfectly captured flawlessly, once again, in their new range of runners, the Fancy Fendi Sneakers.

Fancy Fendi Sneakers
Fancy Fendi Sneakers

The new Fancy Fendi Sneakers offer a hi-tech shoe that blends elegant Italian design with a streetwear influence. Cushioned with a gel bubble the chunky rubber sole offers a distinctive look, creating a unique blend between two worlds. The actual sneaker sees a multilayered mix of materials across its upper. These consists of shiny PVC and transparent net married with suede and soft leather to underscore its futuristic look while staying true to Fendi’s iconic luxury look.

Fancy Fendi Sneakers
Fancy Fendi Sneakers

Release Date: Available in-store now and for pre-order online

Price: €750 (approximately $875)


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